Table of Contents

Chapters, marked with (Lunaris), are translated and hosted by Lunaris at

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Chapter 1: Shrine of the Evil God

Chapter 2: Black hair

Chapter 3: Life in Rufk Village

Chapter 4: Sanc Adiet

Chapter 5: Zeshald’s Expectations

Chapter 6: Beginning of the New Days

Chapter 7: Princess of the Flames

Chapter 8: Yuusuke’s Decision

Chapter 9: Commoner District Gate Plaza

Chapter 10: The End of the “Two Days – One Night” Turmoil

Chapter 11: Pave the Way

Chapter 12: Volance Castle (Lunaris)

Chapter 13: The First Mission of the Evil God Corps (Lunaris)

Chapter 14: Gearhawk Fortress

Chapter 15: Rain From the Empty Sky

Chapter 16: Under the Sun and the Starry Sky (Lunaris)

Chapter 17: The Daily Life and Rest Day of a Soldier (Lunaris)

Chapter 18: An [Artless] Traveler

Chapter 19: True State of the Blue Garden

Chapter 20: Turning the Tide (Lunaris)

Chapter 21: Zeshald’s Request (Lunaris)

Chapter 22: Harvest Festival

Chapter 23: Water Mirror

Chapter 24: Deernook Fortress 

Chapter 25: White Shadow (Lunaris)

Chapter 26: Evil God’s Roar (Lunaris)

Chapter 27: Miscalculation

Chapter 28: Shinha’s Warning

Chapter 29: The Repatriation of the Darkness God Corps (Lunaris)

Chapter 30: Mission Complete (Lunaris)

Chapter 31: From Now On

Chapter 32: Ghost of the Middle Class District (Part 1)

Chapter 33: Ghost of the middle class district (Part2) (Lunaris)

Chapter 34: The Short Peace (Lunaris)

Chapter 35: Midnight Rumble

Chapter 36: Shadow of Conspiracy

Chapter 37: The Omens of the Wind (Lunaris)

Chapter 38: White Beast (Lunaris)

Chapter 39: At the Artless Village

Chapter 40: Flames, fangs, and an underground city

Chapter 41: Under the water surface (Lunaris)

Chapter 42: Singing Princesses of Sanc Adiet (Lunaris)

Chapter 43: Medicine, Doubts, and a Peaceful Night

Chapter 44: Hero’s Irony

Chapter 45: Nossentes (Lunaris)

Chapter 46: Crossing Trent Rietta (Lunaris)

Chapter 47: At the Port Town

Chapter 48: Patrucia Nost

Chapter 49: Omen (Lunaris)

Chapter 50: Deceiving Sisters (Lunaris)

Chapter 51: The Fall of the Empty Castle

Chapter 52: Divine Parliament’s Conspiracy

Chapter 53: Fickle Song of the Honeybee (Part 1 of 3) (Lunaris)

Chapter 54: Fickle Song of the Honeybee (Part 2 of 3) (Lunaris)

Chapter 55: Chapter 55: Fickle Song of a Honeybee (Part 3 of 3)

Chapter 56: Aftermath

Chapter 57: The Tie up and many problems (Lunaris)

Chapter 58: Disturbing Signs (Lunaris)

Chapter 59: Sun’s Determination

Chapter 60: Natural Enemy

Chapter 61: The afterwards of a melancholy cloud (Lunaris)

Chapter 62: The Secret meaning behind the wind (Lunaris)

Chapter 63: End of the Season (Calendar), Start of the Holiday

Chapter 64: The Dance Festival (Part 1)

Chapter 65: The Dance Festival (Part 2) (Lunaris)      (second half)

Chapter 66: Shadow of Disaster (Lunaris)

Chapter 67: Night scenery of Rinwaal

Chapter 68: Trouble at Driadria

Chapter 69: The Root Tree Forest (Lunaris)

Chapter 70: Fragment of Doubt (Lunaris)

Chapter 71: Onwards to the Evil Beast Institute

Chapter 72: The Village Oracle

Chapter 73: Facility Control Strategy (Lunaris)

Chapter 74: The First Day’s Search (Lunaris)

Chapter 75: Sealing the Institute

Chapter 76: The Wind Clan

Chapter 77: The Ambitions of the House of Elfdras (Lunaris)

Chapter 78: Trent Rietta’s Civil War (Lunaris)

Chapter 79: Valerie of the Flame Whip

Chapter 80: Conference of the Three

Chapter 81: Happenings on the street of the relay town (Lunaris)

Chapter 82: Waking up the darkness, waking up the light (Part 1) (Lunaris)

Chapter 83: Waking up the darkness, waking up the light (Part 2)

Chapter 84: Waking up the darkness, waking up the light (Part 3)

Chapter 85: The Queen’s Proposal (Lunaris)

Chapter 86: Special force (Spec ops) (Lunaris)

Chapter 87: Hostilities Within the Royal Court

Chapter 88: In the Countermeasure Meeting

Chapter 89: The Singing Princess’ Hidden Actions (Lunaris)

Chapter 90: Tactics (Lunaris + Baka)

Chapter 91: Melancholy of the Wise King

Chapter 92: Festival of Creation. The Parade

Chapter 93: The Night of the Season and the Beginning of Dawn (Lunaris)

Chapter 94: Assassins (Lunaris)

Chapter 95: Underlying Circumstances

Chapter 96: Evil God’s Suggestion

Chapter 97: Decision and Preaching (Lunaris)


66 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. About Sun calling Zeshald Teacher… Shouldn’t it be “doctor”?
    I’m assuming the word used in the raw is “sensei” no? If that’s the case, then the translation should be “Doctor”, because “sensei” isn’t just for teachers; it’s practically for any sort of professional, including doctors and authors alike.

    Thus, when translated to english, she should be saying “Doctor”. Unless I’m wrong, and she’s not actually saying “sensei”.


    • I have talked about it on some chapter already. Basically Zeshald is a doctor, a fatherly figure, her master (as in she is her servant). Thus I could choose any English meaning of sensei and it would stick. I just happened to choose teacher. Most contextually correct meaning would probably be ‘master’, but it would not sound good in English.


      • Actually in Japanesse, both a teacher and a doctor are referred to as “sensei”. In this situation, Sun was probably referring to Zeshald as “sensei” with the meaning of doctor as he was the doctor of the village. He was also a teacher, which we find out later, but to Sun I think he was just a king old man who took care of her as a fatherly figure and as a doctor of the village she lived in.


      • I just chose version one to use everywhere. Would be strange for him to be a doctor at blue garden. Would be confusing for readers for the title to jump between teacher and doctor randomly too~


      • 1. I have no idea about the light novel, as this is the only raw I am aware of. Story should be the same however, as manga is based on LN and in 19 chapters of the WN only a single chapter was not present in manga (and one manga chapter did not appear in WN).

        2. Web novel is long over.


  2. Just read all of it at the speed of light, was searching for something like this since i’m done with ShieldBro(Tate Yuusha) and i’m really really hooked already.

    Keep up the good work and thank you very much for the translation.


  3. just curious if the manga of this ive been reading is on chapter 19 what would it correspond to this being even or are you already slightly ahead of it


  4. Could not find a pdf anywhere so I’ll post it here, maybe it’s a better place >.<

    Hi everyone!

    I just found this site and since I don’t like reading from my PC, I usually manually copy every chapter in a file word and then convert it into .mobi

    Since this time as thanks for your wonderful work I don’t want to be the usual useless leecher, I want to share this .dox document and spare the effort of someone else 😉

    Hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feeling doing this ^_^

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Hi, any idea when the 72 chapter will be ready? if you need help I can try, I have some knowledge on japanese but I’m slow translating.


  6. Just a note that the ToC here is out of date.
    As of now, it stops at Ch 78 (and the group menu links stop at Ch 77). Up to 85 is available at the moment, but not linked.


    • From what I can gather
      Darkness purely represents the evil God. No other art has darkness
      Even mixing all the arts together will not allow people to replicate the evil gods power. His is purely a unique power to him out of their world and capabilities.
      Or atleast that’s how I’m understanding it all.


    • Started working in a startup, meaning i barely have any time to translate. Instead of dropping it completely i am determined to finish it even at a very slow pace.
      For now i can only with you patience with me.


  7. Hey, I’m a bit curious
    When you say the Web novel is long over does it draw to a proper close or does it just abruptly stop?
    And is this because he’s moved onto the light novel version of this aswell as the manga or did the author abandon it?

    Sorry if these questions have been answered I’m really enjoying this series even if it’s actions a bit weak and the mc is dense

    Thank you in advance for the reply 😀


    • I have yet to finish the novel myself, but the last chapter is named like a proper conclusion and it seems to end there.
      This is just a rough guess because i only read the first paragraph of the chapter to save myself from any spoilers.
      For one, I, the same as you, hope it will end up in a proper way (seeing that i was unable to obtain the LN version of the book.


      • Hm, I see
        Thank you again for the reply 🙂
        So yes, let’s hope it ends properly in the Web novel and doesn’t just get abandoned which I’m thinking might be the cause due to it being made into a light novel. However, if it does end there it’ll still be interesting to see how the author does it with such few chapters left.
        And last thing. If it is straight up abandoned I wish you luck with obtaining the LN in any language you can read and write. (Assuming you yourself are still interested in the story as I don’t mean to be rude but a lot of translators get bored early/half way and drop the process entirely)

        By the way here’s another thank you this time for translating. You and Luna have done an awesome job and I appreciate it as the books been awesome to read ^~^


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