Chapter 62 : The Secret meaning behind the wind (Lunaris)

In the underground passage of the central facility, council parliament Reifold was walking lightly. Beside him was a person from the women troupe who was guiding him while explaining things to him.


“The atmosphere around here is a little weird. Don’t you think so?”
“Is that so? It hasn’t been long since I had joined the troupe, thus I am not very sure about it.”


Reifold is well known in the upper tier of Blue Garden’s government. Within the elite’s troupes he is known as a “shrewd intelligence activist”.


Because of that, his guide had distanced herself from the gossips within the organisation, as Reifold had a deep relation with the Divine arts instructor Zeshald who had once taught the rookie member, Plausha.


This time, Reifold had received a mission from King Esvosbus, thus he was visiting the facility through the normal route after obtaining the permission of Queen Risha.


“Just up ahead.”
“Thank you, from this point onwards it would be fine for me to be alone.”

Inside the underground central facility, the country’s greatest sinners AKA state-level felony prisoners were being housed in cell compartments.(TL note: Lol alcatraz?)


His objective, to visit Paula’s former supreme leader Izapnar. His question, to ask about one of their previous provocation operations against Fonclanc, about how they had managed to release a magical beast into the ranches of Sanc Adiet.


Although it is not known officially, it was revealed within the testimony of a former wind trouper that the magical beasts could receive orders to a certain extent.


“Yoz, it’s been a while.”
“….you, what you want?”


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