Chapter 44: Hero’s irony

“Many thanks for everything. You really made me feel much more at ease.” (Rasanasha)
*nods* “If your condition worsens, come see me anytime.” (??)

Yuusuke and co. departed from Rufk early in the morning and managed to return to Sanc Adiet just before noon.
Rasanasha had separated from the group before they arrived at palace, however Fonke, definitely trying to get close to the nightsinger, offered to escort the woman back to her house. Despite his eagerness, he had been promptly returned to the horse handler’s seat by Vermeer.
Having obtained their captain’s permission, Fonke and Vermeer took the carriage and drove Rasanasha home, while the other members had returned to the knights’ resting room. The captain himself walked towards Violet’s room to report to her.

“Basically, you want to travel to Nossentes to procure the medicine?” (Violet)
“Mhm.” (Yuusuke)

Violet was pondering about Yuusuke’s report and his suggestion to travel to Nossentes, only showing a subtle expression on her face.
Yuusuke hung his head low, thinking that such a trip was out of the question after all. However, Krielov informed Yuusuke that the Darkness God Corps are being considered for a new mission of becoming good will ambassadors in Nossentes while delivering the king’s personal letter to that country.

“Ambassador?! But… I have no experience whatsoever with these duties that have such serious political implications.”
“Weell, we will just have to appoint a suitable person to be the ambassador, so there should be no problems. Isn’t that right, Krielov!” (Violet)

Thinking that Violet had made this choice to preserve the face of the Darkness God Corps, Krielov nodded, showing his agreement while admiring the princess deep in his heart. While he was aware of his role, this cooperation between her and Yuusuke was one of those cases of her sharp insight that Violet sometimes showed.

“However, something is bothering me…” (Violet)
“?” (Yuusuke)

Violet seemed to be reluctant to accept Yuusuke’s plan. She could understand Yuusuke’s reason of procuring medicine for the rot disease, however there was something that had been bothering her, which she could not seem to be able to put into words.

“I don’t know how to say this, it seems to me that there is more to all of this.” (Violet)
“Is that something like woman’s intuition? Or are you perhaps jealous of Rasanasha-san?” (Yuusuke)

Bashing Yuusuke’s head with the flying saucer for making fun of her, Violet was thinking whether sending Yuusuke to Nossentes was a good idea. After all, Nossentes was suspected of being the puppet master behind the latest attacks.

“By the way, Yuusuke’s mansion should be finished tomorrow, right?” (Violet)

Violet had procured a permit for Yuusuke to build a mansion so that he would be able to provide Sun with her new home. It also seemed that she managed to procure some of the required funds as well.
At the time when the transfer of the ownership of the mansion was to be completed, the negotiations for the appointment of the ambassador should also be done, Krielov was also thinking about the schedule of important events.

“Wouldn’t it be proper to present some kind of reward to the construction workers?” (Yuusuke)
“If you really want to, do it. However, how about you get them some aged strong liquor?” (Violet?)

“That’s a good idea!” replied Yuusuke and immediately left to buy the said alcohol in town.


Late at night, avoiding bystanders as much as she could, Rasanasha visited the count’s house. She reported that, with her illness as the main reason, she had achieved their main objective. The count hinted that his attempt at persuading the king to consider the Darkness God Corps for the ambassador duties was also successful.

“Good, the first stage seems to be a huge success.” (Count)

The count also informed Rasanasha of her duties for the next step. Before the Darkness God Corps were announced as the escort for the good-will ambassador, she was to head to the Nossentes villa (別荘) and tell her younger sister about the continuation of the mission. (T.N. No idea as of yet on what this villa is supposed to be.)

“I expect you to continue to excel at your duties.” (Count)

Princess Violet’s influence could not reach beyond Fonclanc. Count’s orders were clear, the “sisters” are to seduce Yuusuke with their skills. Rasanasha showed a slightly disturbed face, thinking [“have I misjudged the character of the captain of the Darkness God Corps before?”]

“Rasanasha, what kind of person do you see yourself as?” (Count)
“Eh? Me? I am a singing princess …” (Rasanasha)
“That’s right, you were granted this position by me. You are my spy.“ (Count)
“…Yes.” (Rasanasha)

Count continued reading the report. He, not Rasanasha, was amongst those that made decisions, thus he continued admonishing Rasanasha to remain faithful to her orders.

“Do you understand? We don’t need your opinion. Just do your part, carry out the orders and gather the information. When I will give you the order, start spreading the rumors.” (Count)
“Fo-forgive me, I overstepped my duties.” (Rasanasha)
“You are forgiven. However, your skill of the trade is applaudable. For a singing princess to lead him around like that…” (Count)

She caused Yuusuke to worry by using her illness and even made him use his connections with Zeshald. Furthermore, she made him travel to Nossentes to procure the expensive medicine for the good of everyone who might have the same disease in the country. To make Yuusuke want to go to the other kingdom for such a humane reason required truly astounding skill.

“To be able to rouse his sympathy like that. You are better than I expected.” (Count)

Count thought that the rumors about Yuusuke seducing women were mostly truth, and the person himself would vanish should more rumors like that were to spread.


The next day Yuusuke took Sun along to see the completed mansion. The two of them had just arrived at the entrance of their mansion in the upper class district.

The mansion was a three story building that had nearly thirty rooms, including kitchens, servant rooms, guest rooms, and the like. The mansion grounds also included stables, and a carriage shed, wide enough for one to ride on horseback.

“Isn’t this a little too big?” (Yuusuke)
“Oh? Are you seeing your mansion for the first time, Yuusuke-san?” (Sun)

It seems that Sun was accustomed to the magnanimity as she had seen the progress of the construction on some occasions when she was being dragged around by Violet, whenever the princess decided to ride around the district in her carriage. Because Yuusuke’s duties usually had him working in the lower class districts, it was his first time seeing the place since he decided to request for a mansion.

“Still… looking at it again, it sure is big, eh?” (Sun)
“It sure is. How about we go and check the inside of the building for now?” (Yuusuke)

As the two of them were approaching the gate, the guards saluted Yuusuke. The guards showed slightly perplexed expression on their faces, however Yuusuke did not pay too much attention to them.
Having received a lot of exceptions and indulgences, Yuusuke got used to being treated with questioning and perplexed looks by others. After walking for a bit, they arrived at the huge door that was the main entrance to their mansion. After having entered the mansion, servants, who were lined up at the main hall, greeted them in unison.

“Welcome home, master-sama” (Servants)
“Eh!” (Yuusuke) (T.N. Yuusuke was something like
“Ah?!” (Sun?)
“No, it’s nothing.” (Yuusuke)

Being called a [“master”], made Yuusuke’s back itch, but thinking back, such a development was inevitable. By the way, in addition to the gatekeepers and the servants, Yuusuke now also had a private coach driver, and guards, tasked with the management of the mansion. This extravagance was truly befitting of someone from a distinguished family.
Making a mental note to request the staff to change the way they address him, Yuusuke started to look around the mansion. Corridors stretched to both sides and twin staircases could be seen at the back of the hall. There were no sculptures, paintings or other works of art that usually adorned the walls of such buildings and the ornaments were simplistic, but the atmosphere in the hall was by no means untasteful.
Although unable to calm down because of the retro style that the hall gave off, Yuusuke felt that the decorations were “just right”.


Suddenly seeing perplexed looks on the servant’s faces, Yuusuke followed their eyes. They were all looking at Sun like some sort of unwanted object.
Apparently, some servants could not comprehend the fact that an artless would be living in the mansion that they were serving in. They started whispering amongst themselves (not trying to hide it) that the rumor about the captain of the Darkness God Corps having an artless woman as a concubine might indeed be true.

Although they (Yuusuke and Sun) had some sort of relation to Zeshald, in the eyes of the servants, a common artless girl living in the palace was unacceptable.
Nonetheless, the two of them were favorites of the princess and on top of that he was being hailed as a hero and was captain of the Darkness God Corps. None of the castle knights dared to openly oppose him because of the [rings of divine arts] that he provided to members of every knight corps. Therefore, naturally there were people whom wanted to take revenge on him.

Most of the staff was employed from outside of the palace so they were not used to serving Sun as opposed to the palace servants. Their frankness could almost be considered harassment.

Artless people were more common nowadays, their figures could be seen performing cleaning duties around the middle class district. Although they could walk around nearly the entire city under the watch of their supervisors, it did not mean that the schisms of the caste system had been closed. That could also be said about the convictions that each person carried within their hearts.
As far as common divine arts users were concerned, the artless were not even within the caste system.

The palace officials that were responsible for personnel selection thought that Sun’s presence in the palace was barely on a whim of their princess and that her status was nothing more than princess’s pet. They had no idea about (could not comprehend) the mutual friendship that these two girls shared.

Thus, the palace officials that harbored dissatisfaction towards Yuusuke, selected personnel who did not know of the artless girl in the palace and had not briefed them of the situation before hand. They expected that these common divine art users would show the artless girl her place in this world.

The Servants’ looks had held doubts, such as [“Why is an artless in such a place?”] Besides they were well aware of Sun’s body becoming stiff.
Originally terrified by the power of the divine arts users, Sun’s heart quickly shrank under the incomprehensible looks of the servants. The fact that Yuusuke might soon leave for Nossentes, leaving her to live in this house all alone, did not help to alleviate her anxiousness.

Oblivious to the plot behind all this, Yuusuke finally understood the perplexed looks of the gate guards and servants faces. It was still too early to think about any relations between the divine arts users and the artless.

“Uhm…. Head butler-san?” (Yuusuke)
“Please call me Zafys, master.” (Zafease/Zafys)
“Mmm… Okay, Zafys.” (Yuusuke)
“Yes master, what is your request?” (Zafys)

Besides giving orders to the head butler, Yuusuke also ordered to call the palace guards inside. When every person within the mansion grounds had gathered inside, Yuusuke had addressed them with an introductory speech. However, it was clear that he had to reconsider on what he should say during his speech.

“Sun is a precious …friend, which Zeshald has put in my care. She is like a family to me.“
“I know some of you are prejudiced towards artless. I am not blaming you for that. However, this prejudice will not be tolerated in my house.”
“Such negativity is not beneficial to either party. Those that do not recognize Sun as a member of this house, speak out now.”

Said Yuusuke as he greeted the servants and the guards of his new house. Grabbing onto the hem of the Darkness God Corps uniform, and her shoulders faintly shivering, Sun was being lightly embraced by the captain of the corps. Servants and guards paled, seeing the anger of the hero of Gearhawk and Deernook. The silence of the grave fell upon the hall.

“Ah—So it’s like that… Then I hope there will be no more discussions regarding this.”

Seeing his servant’s heads bowed down in shame, Yuusuke scratched his head, thinking he was a bit too harsh, and loosened his tone.

“Let me correct myself, I will be awaiting those that have something to say this afternoon here in the mansion. Everyone dismissed.”

Having finished his talk he felt like a manager or CEO introducing themselves to the new employees. Afterwards, Yuusuke invited Sun to take a trip around the mansion with him. The Head butler rushed to him in order to guide him around the house, but Yuusuke interrupted him. Waving his hand, and ordered to “ascertain the determination of the other servants.” As he left the room, he held eye contact with all of the servants that he passed on his way.

Head butler silently nodded his head, abiding by the master’s orders.


“Still, this hidden room is splendid. Look here.” (Yuusuke)

Yuusuke inspected the mansion using his customization powers. There was no way that such a hidden passage and a hidden room, which were not present in the original plan of the house, would escape his notice. Yuusuke properly closed these “holes” with his customization power, while adding a little trap of his own.

“… Uhm, Yuusuke-san?”
“Mh? Have you calmed down a little bit?”
“Yes… Thank you.”
“Don’t worry. Good, now let’s go take a look at the second floor.”

Yuusuke and Sun held hands the entire time they were walking around the mansion.


In the end, none of the servants left the mansion.


34 thoughts on “Chapter 44: Hero’s irony

  1. *nods* “If your condition worsens, come see me anytime.” (??) = This probably Zeshald speaking, since he is the ‘doctor’.

    “Ambassador?! Bu… I have no experience whatsoever with these duties that have such serious political implications.” = The “Bu” missing a “t”?


      • First we need stop bullshit wars machine to alleviate the source of the discrimination. Then a stop bullshit machine to remove stupid sources of discrimination. Only then we can start with the discrimination itself.


      • Wouldn’t we need to also find the cure to a very viral disease and sometimes deadly. The disease which can spread world wide even though the Internet. A disease that those who have it tend to not even know they have it, despite showing obvious symptoms of the disease. Yes, the oh so fearful disease called “Stupidity”


    • Since Yuusuke didn’t bother participating in the hiring process of his staff, other greedy or hating nobles did it for him. So his staff is probably full of spies from a variety of different nobles. Since Yuusuke is privy to military secrets as one of the top 5 leaders of the government’s magic forces, it may be that foreign agents are in there as well.

      In other fantasy stories, medieval stories, or novels, the placement of a hidden room by someone other than the naive owner usually means it is a staging area for an assassin team. So if the naive owner needs to be killed, the assassins can hide in there until the appropriate moment. That would require cooperation of the house staff and probably the butler as well to let all those assassins go inside there to hide since many members of the numerous house staff would otherwise see the assassins arrive and go thru the house to the hidden room.


  2. Sigh. . I hate how Yuuske doesn’t take matters to his own hands. Wouldnt it be cooler to kick out the servants and find his own? Im not suprise if sun gets bullied or even having spies among the servants. Hes too careless as a Op mc…


    • It would wreck his image if the threw 20 or so people to the streets that others did the “favor” of choosing for him, both as the friend of the weak (since they are not artless but still low class) and the captain of the Darkness Corps (since he operates while not trusting anybody). Plus, it would be out of character.


  3. Is Isotta Rasanasha’s sister? This was from chapter 42 ‘The person holding onto the title of “younger sister” is currently a “Favourite” of the Darkness God Captain, from the information she had gathered.’


    • No idea yet. It would be a nice twist if it were like that. This chapter has another ‘sister’ and a ‘nossentes manor’ which are equally as vague as the description of the ‘sister’ of the 42.


    • No idea yet. It would be a nice twist if it were like that. This chapter has another ‘sister’ and a ‘nossentes manor’ which are equally as vague as the description of thea ‘sister’ of the 42.


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