Chapter 93 : The Night of the Season and the Beginning of Dawn (Lunaris)

As the new year was welcomed into the great lands of Kaltcio. The seasonal night continued through the water month of Volnar and the sun would take 20 days to ascend to its peak, cutting into the earth month.

While the magical beasts continue to ravage, the number of casualties had decreased significantly, this was the result of the traders refraining from trading internationally and the various subjugation activities.
Only Gazzetta’s internal borders were safe as the artless warriors worked hard to ensure their security, however, the other countries used the narrow mountain trade route which passed through Blue Garden’s border. However, in order to get to this route, they would have to go through a forest where the magical beasts herd were lurking thus it was considered very dangerous.
Due to the magical beast attacks, the distribution of goods was being affected as it became difficult to reach Gazzetta, even the medical goods of the old Nossentes had become hard for the other nations to acquire.

12 thoughts on “Chapter 93 : The Night of the Season and the Beginning of Dawn (Lunaris)

  1. I’m not trying to sound like an ass but I think people forgot about the book or dropped it because I gets updated once every 2 months so its kinda sad and I know people have certain circumstances and stuff but once every 2 months Is a long time for a chapter it feels empty to


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