Chapter 13: The First Mission of the Darkness God Corps (Lunaris)

First of all, the results of the poll. [Rara] prevailed so it will not be changed. Some of you wondered why did we do a poll for such a minor item. As i mentioned in the comments, i had a bit of a hard time accepting a certain wolf’s girl name being changed in different translations. As this fruit is kind of a mascot to the series, i argues that we should let the readers choose between the ‘r’ and ‘l’ in the name.   With that done, onwards with the chapter ~ Baka

The next morning ~~

Yuusuke’s brand new lifestyle will begin from this point in his room, to indulge in laziness.

Travelling on the carriage the previous day, from dawn till dusk, had left him exhausted, and subsequently dealing with the trouble that happened within the palace didn’t help either. Although he headed to bed early, due to not being accustomed to the environment, he couldn’t sleep properly. When he finally slipped into his dreamland early in the morning, a heartless little demon kicked and spewed fire as she barged into his room.

“Yuusuke, It’s time to wake up! This isn’t the time for you to stay in bed, Wake up immediately!”(Violet)


“This is useless.”(Violet)


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 13: The First Mission of the Darkness God Corps (Lunaris)

    • I am planning to put up a gdoc with open suggestions of the first 50 chapters soon. Sadly i am only holding limited support for my own chapter from so long ago. However editor should step in soon so the chapters will improve


      • Well, if you do put up a gdoc, please link me in. Fine-editing translations for grammar, concord, etc. is a hobby of mine and I’d love to take a look.


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