Chapter 74 : The first day’s search (Lunaris)

I’m moving to Shanghai for job this Friday, hopefully I will not get screwed over by the CNY and not knowing a single word in Chinese, and manage reach the apartment and post chapter 75 on time. No promises now however, that single city has 8 times the population of my entire country… which is slightly   intimidating.

Still, no profit in staying scared~thus, onward with the chapter!




While the magical beast facility investigation group had just began preparations for dinner. Violet headed towards the noble district in Sanc Adiet right after her lesson had finished as she had heard that Razshia’s group had returned home.

The servants of Yuusuke’s mansion were busy preparing for the sudden visit by the princess, however Violet didn’t bother with the formalities as she advanced into the mansion.

“Shia! Are you here?”
“Ah~ I am opening the door now!”

As Violet stop in front of the basement research room door. On the other side of the door, the rustling sound of moving luggage could be heard.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 74 : The first day’s search (Lunaris)

  1. Let us all know a little bit about any strange cultural things over at your new digs! As long as your blog don’t mention anything on their c3ns0rsh1p lists or politics problems, your blog and editing access to it should be just fine. This is teanimin ssqquarre sight of the big problem of Ahh, just kidding, kidding…..


    • I am a web developer, first thing my team did there was vpn setup. I am more worried about time issues and lack of sleep. Writing this at 3 am from airport with 15 hours of russian airplanes ahead is nothing to be happy about :p


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