Chapter 45: Nossentes (Lunaris)

The next morning, Yuusuke did a final check on his luggage which he had finished packing for the trip last night. A change of clothes, different types of fabric, which he uses as material for customization in preparations for wear and tear, and different types of food.


The mission to Nossentes will only officially begin after a briefing on the details in the palace.

Due to the small uproar yesterday, the servants of the house began to treat Sun with equal respect as Yuusuke. They also began to put their professionalism to work in serving the residents of the mansion. Yuusuke who noticed this, nodded as he said, ”Now I can leave for Nossentes with peace of mind.”

“Sun, I have something I would like you to do in my absence.”(Yuusuke)

“Yes? What is it?”(Sun)

Yuusuke entrusted Sun a “Ring of Wind Arts”, which he then told her to give to the vice-captain of the Wind Art Corps 4 days later. Although he could have asked Violet to do it, but knowing her temperament, some troublesome situations might occur.

In order to avoid an unnecessary uproar, Yuusuke decided to entrust it to Sun as she was already known within the palace.

“Well then, I’ll be back as soon as possible.”(Yuusuke)

“See you later, Yuusuke-san.”(Sun)

Sun gently released her hands from Yuusuke’s arm. It had already become a usual move for Sun to do this gesture as a sort of good luck charm whenever he went out, ‘Will Yuusuke have any reaction to it?’ As she was thinking about it, Yuusuke gently stroked her white hair.

Sun who was surprised by the moment was blinking intensively, as her cheeks became flushed in red, and she sent  fluffy smile to Yuusuke.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 45: Nossentes (Lunaris)

  1. Yuusuke continues to hand out magic items without regard. I suppose it’s a good thing the author isn’t going to have any of the kingdom’s characters use them against Yuusuke in a surprise first strike OHKO. But I would have expected him to at least consider there there is a chain of command as well as loyalty to the kingdom to be considered. For example, all the magic items should have been handed out by someone such as Violet in order to make clear to the recipients that it was an item from the kingdom. It would also help make clear there is a loyalty to the kingdom aspect to the magic item because it is a member of the royal family that is handing them out. That way, there is at least some legal way for the kingdom to require the return of the item if the recipient becomes obnoxious. The way Yuusuke hands them out as gifts, those recipients will never return them and would pass them onto someone else (in the distant future) who might misuse them.


  2. Hi everyone!

    I just found this site and since I don’t like reading from my PC, I usually manually copy every chapter in a file word and then convert it into .mobi

    Since this time as thanks for your wonderful work I don’t want to be the usual useless leecher, I want to share this .dox document and spare the effort of someone else 😉

    Hope I don’t hurt anyone’s feeling doing this ^_^


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