Chapter 94: Assassins (Lunaris)

On the same day, Krielov visited the upper rooms of the palace where the different corps members had gathered.
“Ar-eh? This is rare, the captain is showing his face in here.”
“Oh, the princess has given me some spare time.”
The fault finding, exclusive guard and education staff, Krielov, who was usually in the private quarters of Violet, finally had some relaxation time during midday as Darkness God Captain Yuusuke and Sun, who was his exclusive attendant, was by her side.
“Princess-sama has changed quite a lot since Yuusuke-dono came.”
“Yea…it seems so.”
Previously, Violet was willful, always saying she was bored, always looking for something interesting to do, and abusing the people around her, but nowadays she was cautious about her actions. Because of that, recently the Fire God Captain was able to loosen up and relax.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 94: Assassins (Lunaris)

  1. baka367 I want to tank you and everyone else who worked so hard to translate such a great story! I am so sad to hear its coming to an end. I don’t know how or why or in what way its going to end but i hope there will be a sequel to this story and/or more stories like it. The time and energy you have put in to this have given me some much needed happiness and i know it sounds cheesy but its the truth. There’s noting like a good book a game or movie to take the edge of the bad stuff!

    Thanks you very much i hope you bring us more good stories!


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