Chapter 85 : The Queen’s Proposal (Lunaris)

A few days after the civil war of Trent Rietta. The Darkness God Corps, the investigation unit and the reinforcement troops had triumphantly returns to the bustling streets of Sanc Adiet, from Rinval of the neighbouring country.
Among the merchants whom conduct trade, an important issue had been raised. It was regarding the subjugation of the magical beast near the facilities that was blockaded.
The half eaten dead bodies of the bandits were first found near the highway of Trent Rietta.
The monetary award was most likely in the hands of the former Wind Edge executive, someone had seen the financial officer Aizzhar escaping with the magical beasts that were brought along near the edge of Rinval,
Before long, traders were being attacked on the highway by a cluster of modded beasts, reports of injuries began popping up in various places. The trade association began their cooperation with Trent Rietta’s investigation unit and traded the information which they had gathered, the recent magical beast threat seems to be the work of several clusters of modded magical beasts.
All of a sudden, the magical beast threat seemed to have increased. Unlike the regular magical beasts, modded magical beast were raised up from the infant stage and they possessed the ability to breed. With time they would multiply at an accelerated pace.
At one point they had failed to delay the movement of the cluster of the magical beasts, thus the different countries organized a punitive force in order to do something about it. However, it was a lucrative season for the mercenaries due to the danger.
The reason it had came to this result in the first place was because of the Nossentes people, whom had waited for the tide to turn. Even a part of the people involved had denounced the happenings.
The alliance formed by Trent Rietta, the internal ravages caused by the magical beasts unit of Wind Edge, the cries of distress from them were all being suppressed. With their mother country in ruins, these residents of the former Nossentes were left without support.


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 85 : The Queen’s Proposal (Lunaris)

  1. So I’m new to this website and found this story, I actually like it and hope for the next chapter soon, thank you for translating this story


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