Chapter 50: Deceiving Sisters (Lunaris)

Sooo, this is the halfway point of the novel. We have come a long way (and a local basketball team murdered their opponents with a huge point difference to add to the mood) yet there is still a lot of chapters in front of us. Shinha came over and destroyed the office to celebrate everything, so an unfortunate delay is unavoidable. That said, here comes chapter 50. Enjoy!

“Captain goes to dinner with the beautiful sisters, the Ambassadors go to a dinner for the nobles~”(Fonke)

“Wawa, it isn’t that bad to eat together.”(Aisha)

“Isotta is also drinking sake.”

After sending Yuusuke off, the remaining members of the Darkness God Corps were idling in the salon, as it was about dinner time, they started seating themselves around the table.

Since the first day, they had been doing their own things by themselves, but as of now, it seems that being together as a unit made everyone feel more secure. Maybe it was due to the recent discussion which had more or less affected everyone.

“Thinking about it, well….even if Gazzetta attacks, this fortress like city wouldn’t fall so easily.”

“That’s true”, as the members nodded in assent to Shaheed’s words.

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