Chapter 68: Trouble at Driadria

Happy new years everyone… that said the holidays hit and the translation was accidentally forgotten in favor of a certain light novel that i accidentally stumbled in a certain person’s recommendation on a certain forum. I’ll try to keep me from over-focusing on other novels as much as i can in the future. *Said in voice that carries no feelings of guilt*

Thus without further ado here’s a chapter that is a week late~

The next day the Darkness God Corps party had left Rinwaal and headed towards Driadria. No one noticed when Reifold returned from the palace, but he joined the party for their breakfast and didn’t have any qualms when he was told that he was to join the Rudea mines party.

“By the way, what did you talk to the King about yesterday?”

“We talked about the recent events and had some small talk.”

“Is that so?”

Understanding that it was useless to pry further, Yuusuke easily accepted his answer. The only thing real about Reifold was his usual smile. There were two roads that could have been used to travel between Rinwaal and Driadria. The road that the locals used, which trekked through the mountains and a longer road that did not pass through any difficult terrain. Because the party was not used to traveling the dangerous mountain roads they opted for a safer choice.

Then again, the modified demon beasts’ incident was not yet solved so the safety of the other road was also questionable at best.

Currently they were back in Fonclanc’s territory, travelling towards that different road. They approached Trent Rietta’s territory for the second time at around noon and had stopped for a break. By the time they reached Driadria the sun had already set.

“Whoa, so this is Driadria.”

After disembarking from the carriage, Razshia was turning around, admiring the view of the city. The second city of the country was built at the intersection of the major roads. The city seemed to be divided into a mountain half and a forest half, thus conveying a particular artistic sense of its builders.

The roads in the city center were widened during the development, so the highway roads trekked through the middle of the city. A lot of carriages and stalls of the trading companies were also lined along these roads.

“The city is bustling!”

“Rather than just bustling, it is also awfully noisy.”

“There are also a lot of armed people, they’re probably mercenaries.”

“Could it be related to the evil beast incident?”

Yuusuke asked, about the reason why there were a lot of armed people, which seemed to be out of context in the busy city. Shaheed answered his captain that this city also had a huge number of immigrants and the armed groups simply stood out more from the rest.

“So they are not related to the modified evil beasts,” muttered Aisha, complementing Shaheed’s answer.

The Darkness God Corps carriages were slowly moving along the rinlamp lit main street. They were riding in a foreign country’s military carriage so they attracted quite a bit of attention. The party was talking about the city when a man approached the carriage and greeted them in a loud voice.

“Hey! So you guys came here as well, huh?”

A person separated from one of the armed groups and approached them while waving his hands. He was one of the adventurers that had fought alongside them in the forest during the evil beast incident. The memory of him trampling the larvae of the evil beast that had killed his comrades was still fresh in everyone’s minds.

“It’s been a while. You seem to have regained your spirit.”

The adventurer smiled to Yuusuke’s careful greeting and waved to his comrades, motioning them to come over as well. The other mercenaries, however still seemed to be wary as if approaching such a carriage was dangerous.

“So, did you guys also come here to investigate the evil beasts research facility?”

“The evil beasts research facility?”

“Am I wrong? Surely you have come here to exterminate those beasts… no, no matter how I look at it you have come here too quickly.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about…”

Yuusuke’s party was dumbfounded, unable to comprehend the adventurers monologue. Hence the man explained them about the incident that this city was currently involved in, and why it was so noisy and full of armed people.

Late last night a single, barely alive man had arrived at the city. The man was gravely wounded and had trouble breathing even when healing arts were used to help him. Between his ragged breaths he started telling the people around him about an evil beast modification and research institute that he was working at. His words brought fear and uneasiness into people’s minds but alongside them curiosity and ambition had also appeared.

According to the survivor, one of the scientists had gone crazy and opened the cages with the evil beasts and the situation within the institute had quickly turned to hell.

Some of the researchers tried to use the special flutes that were used to control the evil beasts that had not yet undergone complete modification. Yet the special divine art aura of the flutes had also called more evil beasts, and the researchers that had tried to stop the rampage with these flutes were all devoured.

The surviving researchers had managed to close off the research facility and escape, but some of the beasts had already managed to escape into the forest. The researchers were attacked and scattered by these beasts on their way to the city.

The researcher that had somehow managed to reach the city was afraid that the research that he had participated in had wrought an unthinkable calamity. Warning everyone of the danger should these modified beasts mates with the beasts in the wilderness, the man drew his last breath.

“Normal beasts can be killed with divine arts, but the modified one’s can only be killed with weapons.”

The flute was supposed to make them powerless, but using it had a danger of alerting other beasts in the surrounding area. Yet a tool that could control these beasts was very valuable.

Flutes aside, even if it was currently closed, there was supposed to be a lot of expensive equipment inside the research facility.

It was probably because of these news that adventurers and mercenary groups started gathering in this city. At the same time the citizens were eager to hire them to protect themselves from the threat that these beasts posed to the city.

Therefore the bustle of the city was not one that could be heard while preparing for war nor was it normal. It was a cacophony of both – there were people that had come to exterminate the evil beasts, there were also treasure hunters that came hoping to quickly attain their wealth, and there were also merchants, that those venturing into the forest, relied on for supplies.

“So, this means that we stumbled on the continuation of that incident.”

“We should also inform our country about this. Anyways, let’s find an inn”

Vermeer glanced at Isotta as he said that. They were moving at walking pace while they were talking and now they noticed that a mercenary carriage and a trader carriage had already approached them from behind.

As expected, since the carriage belonged to the military corps of Fonclanc and since the famous Darkness God Corps members were riding in it, the people of the trailing carriage hesitated in voicing their complaints.

“Ahh, I’m sorry! I’ll have it move to the side as soon as I can.”

The young captain bowed his head in apology as the carriage turned into a street, leading to the lodgings district. Seeing this, the drivers of the carriages behind Yuusuke’s carriage could only involuntarily bow their heads in return.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, it seems I have held you up with the chatter.”

“Don’t mind it, you gave us a lot of valuable information.”

The high class lodging district was your typical street with normal-looking inns lined along both sides of the street. It seemed that there also were fewer people here. After not having to be wary of carriages, trailing behind him, Yuusuke decided to continue his conversation with the adventurer, who gave him the valuable info, for a little while longer.

“Are the injured from that time healed already?”

“Ah, the injuries seemed light. I think that they should have healed already, but I have separated from those guys after that so I have no way to be certain about it.”

“Eh, separated? Ah, you had formed a temporary party for that one mission, right?”

“No, we had been together for five, no, six years… just that treasure hunting was our main purpose.”

The adventurer suddenly got quiet. It seems that the losing close to half of the party was a huge blow to everyone. Knowing that he should not pry further into the matter, Yuusuke tried to change the topic, but the adventurer, his face still a grim mask, continued speaking about his former party.

“We have been searching about the legend of the Moon Mirror Lake, but after encountering those evil beasts… the other members…”

“Eh, eh, ehm… So you joined a mercenary group afterwards? That is, how do I say it…”

“That’s right! If we were a group of mercenaries, we wouldn’t have lost so easily.”

With the way that adventurer was acting, Yuusuke’s corps were shocked by the way that the adventurer had acted towards his comrades. Razshia and Sorzak, who had only encountered this adventurer for the first time today, had also felt something akin to madness from the adventurer’s words.

“Oh drat! I have to get back, my comrades should be starting to get worried about me. See ya!”

The former adventurer waved his hand as he said that and ran towards the main street.


“Captain, we are also about to arrive at our inn.”

Yuusuke groaned painfully. The atmosphere within the party was heavy for some time after the adventurer had left.


The party entered the inn that they had contacted in advance and prepared to hold an emergency meeting regarding how to react to the information about the modified evil beasts.

The inn that the Darkness God Corps had reserved was small but exquisite. The party entered the main room of the inn and sat around the largest table. Reifold alone remained standing, leaning against the wall near the corridor.

“I am worried about the evil beasts, but our purpose here this time is to research the moss. I believe, tomorrow we should continue our designated mission.”

“So you mean to avoid active participation in this incident?”

It seemed that a reply from Fonclanc on the information that they sent regarding this incident would arrive tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. The incident happened in the territory of another country, moreover their help was not necessary but the incident itself seemed to be dangerous, thus everyone was in favor of Yuusuke’s proposed course of action regarding the recent events.

Sorzak raised his hand, asking if they should not at least consider the current situation.

“I didn’t expect there to be so many mercenaries and adventurers gathered here, but I think we should take them into account. Our corps are famous, we can’t disregard the possibility of some of them trying to profit of our name by challenging or provoking us. I believe we have to consider these dangers and prepare countermeasures to avoid getting into fights and other troubles.”

“Regarding this I propose that we constantly remain in groups of no less than three people whenever we leave the city.”

“Well, if that’s the Captain’s decision, then I have no qualms about it.”

“Ah, it will be alright, if we’re with the captain.”

“Eh, I feel safe if I’m with the Captain.”

Vermeer, Shaheed, and Aisha immediately replied like that, while Isotta also nodded in agreement. Fonke, who was finishing a bottle of alcohol besides the table, choked on the drink, glanced at Yuusuke, and asked his three comrades – “What’s with this reply?”

“Because, if Yuusuke gets involved, enemies always destroys themselves, don’t they?”

Everyone nodded, agreeing to Razshia’s answer.


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