Chapter 20: Turning the tide (Lunaris)

“Yuusuke how much do you know about Gazetta?”(Violet)
“I only know the name”(Yuusuke)

“I see, I myself do not know much either”(Violet)
“What the hell!?”(Yuusuke)

After getting the promise of protection for the artless from King Esvosbus, Violet suddenly remember about Simba, who was in the contents of the stories that Yuusuke had talked about. It might become a reference that would be useful in the future.

“I do not know the details, all that I know is the information provided by Zeshald. The king of that country is a artless.”(Violet)
“Does that mean it is a country formed by the artless?”(Yuusuke)

Violet, who doesn’t really know the answer, looked towards Krielov. “So whatcha wanna know?” as Krielov began to exchange glances, while looking reluctant to share his information about the country of Gazzetta.

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