Chapter 65: The Dance Festival (part 2 of Part 2) (Lunaris)

Daybreak, the very same day~~

At once, Yuusuke had transmitted his message to the soldiers stationed at Rufk. Thalys’s group was visiting from Gazzetta, and Violet who understands the personal circumstances surrounding Sun, bestowed the words “go kick some ass!”.

“Seems very Violet-like…”

“Hohoho today’s the day of the dance festival, some sightseers have come.”


Likely consenting to Zeshald’s words, Yuusuke was preparing himself for the duel as he headed towards the plaza. As it seems, lots of villagers and soldiers had gathered, and as Yuusuke appeared in sight, cheers of excitement began to flood the area.

Sun was dressed in a costume which was covered with feathers as her role was to congratulate the winner, while Bahana was sitting on a location which overlooked the entire arena of the duel.

On the other end of the arena, Thalys was dressed in a white training soldier’s armor, as it seems that he had listened to the advice and was clad in the artless warrior armor. Directing his line of sight towards Yuusuke entering the arena, he returned the words of the artless with occasional nods.

Yuusuke had a mountain pile of timber on his area of the field while facing an opened customization screen. Earlier this week he had been toying with the map item data and had already checked whether it was possible for him to use the timber.

“Ng, with this it should be alright.”

In the first place, he could only customized the materials of the ground which was linked to his feet for battle, thus for safety precautions he had prepared these materials before hand. Unknown whether the battle will turn to his favor, he had prepared the data of the familiar barriers and pitfall he had usually used.

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