Chapter 54 : The fleeting song of the honeybee (Part 2 of 3) (Lunaris)

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This is easy to move in, and is surprisingly warm too.”

“You should wear a hair ornament to go with it, I believe that you would look more attractive you know?”

The two sisters, Razshia and Rasanasha, had just returned from shopping. They were currently chatting while trying on a combination of different small ornaments and organising their loot.


Regardless of the mission, Razshia had no experience in choosing fashionable clothes for herself, thus buying items from the stalls along the main streets proved to be an enjoyable act. But abruptly, a feeling of anxiety began falling over the enjoyable mood.


“Is something wrong?”
“….yeah, kind of.”


She was thinking about the events that will unfold when she reaches Sanc Adiet, as there will be problems for her, such as trying to persuade someone of important standing to take her under his wing, and there is also the presence of the Earl who is the boss of Rasanasha in Fonclanc, thus no deception should be made.


Aside from the Nossentes sympathizers within the palace officials, there were only a few nobles who Razshia could persuade. Talking about persuading, it won’t be as sweet as the time around with Yuusuke, and there might be a chance where lies and deception are involved.

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