Chapter 21: Zeshald’s request (Lunaris)

EDIT: in case you did not read it on lunate’s blog, he will be on a leave for two weeks. My plan for this (as i have three chapters) is to release 1 chapter per week and return to the chapter each three days mode with the third one (provided lunate will have enough time to prepare 26 as it is quite a long one). With that said, expect next chapter sometime early next week 🙂

It’s been 4 days since the protection ordinance promulgated, and you could already see some of the spearhead representative soldiers guiding the [Artless] cleaners around to the different places in the commoner district. Although the first day had some difficulty due to the many onlookers, from then on it was smooth sailing as there was less confusion, thus changing the city’s landscape to a better scenery.

After finishing the report of today’s patrol, Yuusuke arrived back at his room and opened the door.

“What Yoz!”(Yuusuke)

Why is Reifold in my room, isn’t this the palace? Yuusuke was looking at him with a surprised and amazed expression. Up until now his actions have all seem to pointed at him being a spy of Blue Garden, but Yuusuke felt that he was not an enemy, thus closing the door behind him before asking, “What’s your purpose today?”

“Ah? Isn’t it not good to discover an intruder and not call on the knights?”(Reifold)
“You’re standing in front of one though. So, what’s your reason for coming here?”(Yuusuke)

Responding to what Yuusuke did, Reifold said something amusing,”So someone have grown up.” Next, Reifold took out a letter from nowhere and passed it to him. The sender’s name was Zeshald.

“This is?”(Yuusuke)
“As you can see, this is Zeshald’s letter to you, buddy.”(Reifold)

Although Yuusuke had many questions, he wanted to ask him, first he opened the seal and read the letter.

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