Chapter 41: Under the water surface (Lunaris)

“So then, the compensation will be like that.”

The secret informal talks are being held underground in Sanc Adiet, and the enacted date will be set at a later date, which will be carried out at Deernook fortress by Queen Risha and King Esvosbus.

During the meeting, a discussion about the compensation to the Gearhawk fortress victims’ families was also held. It was decided that Blue Garden will be paying the full compensation to the bereaved families. The compensation would be taken from the private properties of the previous Supreme leader officer Izapnar as funds, but when Blue Garden officials went to check up on the properties, about half of them had disappeared.

Mostly likely, it had been the work of the missing elite members of the “Flame troupe” on the day of the internal conflict. Fortunately, the amount of jewelry and precious metals that was left was enough to meet the agreed amount of compensation.

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