Chapter 89 : The Singing Princess’ Hidden Actions

In accordance with the request of the Fonclanc, the officials of the original Wind Edge that were escorted from Trent Rietta had arrived in the city of Sanc Adiet, the date of the emergency meeting was to be held 5 days later. Following Valerie is Benefrost, who was formerly in charge of the former magical beast military officers and subordinates.

Yuusuke had pleaded to King Esvobus, through Violet, to grant forgiveness to Benefrost regarding the Trent Reitta incident..

Her charisma within the organisation was high, thus it was determined that it would be better to keep her alive. Currently, the former members of the organisation were sentenced to forced labor in the mines while Benefrost acted as a mediator.

Valerie who, was under house arrest, had to leave behind her two attendants in the house of Elforodas located in Rinval. The point of having her come along with Benefrost was to serve as a hostage. Although it was an unnecessary constraint, it was part of deliberate preparation for the cautious King Cliffzard.

Incidentally, the General Affairs Officer, Fortress, was KIA, while Financial Officer Aizhar was still MIA.

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19 thoughts on “Chapter 89 : The Singing Princess’ Hidden Actions

  1. Mm. I’ve decided that I like reading about internal affairs in this novel; it’s when it expands into war and politics involving other countries that it becomes less compelling for me… :/

    Ah, thanks to you and Lunaris for all your hard work. 😀


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