Chapter 93 : The Night of the Season and the Beginning of Dawn (Lunaris)

As the new year was welcomed into the great lands of Kaltcio. The seasonal night continued through the water month of Volnar and the sun would take 20 days to ascend to its peak, cutting into the earth month.

While the magical beasts continue to ravage, the number of casualties had decreased significantly, this was the result of the traders refraining from trading internationally and the various subjugation activities.
Only Gazzetta’s internal borders were safe as the artless warriors worked hard to ensure their security, however, the other countries used the narrow mountain trade route which passed through Blue Garden’s border. However, in order to get to this route, they would have to go through a forest where the magical beasts herd were lurking thus it was considered very dangerous.
Due to the magical beast attacks, the distribution of goods was being affected as it became difficult to reach Gazzetta, even the medical goods of the old Nossentes had become hard for the other nations to acquire.

Chapter 92: Festival of Creation. The Parade.

Sixteenth day of the Darkness calendar, the Wind Carving day

The city was still bustling with the Freedom Festival, but with all of the holidays of the past year now behind, the palace knights were busy preparing for the Festival of Creation, and its parade signifying the coming of the new year.

Every corps would be wearing specially tailored gorgeous uniforms and would march from Volance palace up to the gate of the lower-class district. This year, the Overlook Tower Square was chosen as the destination of the procession.

The Darkness God Corps were also preparing for the parade, but compared to the other corps, their numbers were few. No matter what they did, they would be outmatched by other corps both by the speed of execution and the number of ideas that they could come up with, hence their preparations were calm and lacked the bustling fervor that one could see amongst the remaining palace corps.

Instead, the Darkness God Corps paid much more attention towards mitigating the damage caused by the rumors about the relation between their Captain and the Evil God. They were especially focused towards quelling the perpetrators who were spreading the rumors, but their efforts did not yield the desired results.

Evil beasts were rampaging in every country and people started gossiping that Gazzetta has become the safest country to live in during these times. These rumors added even more oil to the rumors about Yuusuke since some gossips blamed the “God of Calamity, the Captain of the Darkness God Corps” for the rampaging beasts and claimed that he was a pawn of Gazzetta.

Reifold was trying his best to eliminate the sources of these rumors, but he was not a native of Fonclanc and his spy network was not as strong within Fonclanc. He tried his best to support his allies, but his status didn’t make it any easier for him to grasp the loose end of the threads.

“Yo, how are the parade preparations?”

“Uh, it’s you Reifold… They are moving forth little by little I guess.”

Reifold came to meet Yuusuke, who was occupying one of the guards’ resting rooms and was sitting before a pile of small trinkets that he was preparing for the festival. Reifold took one of the trinkets off the table, inspected it in his hand, and finally spoke of the matters after putting the trinket back into the pile.

“The king is worried about the evil beasts, and has instructed me to ask if you have any convenient tools that would help to subdue them.”

“I see, I can strengthen some equipment if he wishes me to, but ten days hasn’t passed yet since the last time I did that.”

Yuusuke had proclaimed that he could only use his divine arts once in ten days and used this limitation to slowly improve the equipment of the palace knights. If others were to catch wind of his true capabilities, there would be no end to the requests and Yuusuke wanted to avoid that at all costs.

“That’s right, the way you care for your subordinates is certainly impressive. I think it might have also affected other captains.”

“What do you mean by …”


An angry voice interrupted them. Violet entered the room taking long strides, making her twin tails sway around her. She threw a cold glare at Reifold as if he was trying to put strange thoughts into Yuusuke’s head, she rudely stepped in between the two. Reifold spread his arms out, faking surprise, and gave up after bowing respectfully to the noble girl. Following the bow, his body got surrounded by the light wind, and before anyone else had a chance to notice, ripples in the air made him invisible and the spy was gone.

“I swear, that guy has no tact at all…”

“Was it okay to send him off like that?”

Yuusuke was worried that Reifold might have had some secret mission for him from the King, but Violet answered with a voice so stern, that he had only heard it twice since Driadria and the Evil Beast institute disaster.

“Even if my Father has used him to send a message, I cannot trust that man.”

“There is no way I can ignore the King’s request!”

“You don’t have to because you answer directly to me.”

Violet waved her index finger before Yuusuke’s doubtful face, pressing her opinion, and then walked off toward the archery field where she had arranged a training session with Sun. Originally the princess intended only to peek at what kind of accessories he was creating, but seeing Reifold poisoning his mind again she couldn’t hold herself and intruded upon the conversation.

“Uahhh, I can’t let my guard down even for an instant.”

“Wah, that scared me. I thought that you had left the room.”

The self-proclaimed forest clansman had appeared again behind Yuusuke’s back before the youth even moved his eyes away from the door as if emerging from some hidden passage from somewhere within the room.

“So… about those that harbor ill towards you… how would you change them?

“I also cannot ignore Violet, can I?”

Reifold smiled sadly, as if saying “too bad” and left the room, this time for good.


A group of storehouses, facing each other in parallel rows, were constructed in an area a small distance away from the palace carriage boarding place. Usually, these storehouses were used by the knights to keep, maintain, and inspect their vehicles.

However, with the Creation Festival drawing near, the area was bustling with palace knights, decorating their carriages, having meetings, rigorously practicing their performances for the parade, and doing all kinds of similar preparatory work.

“Let’s install the water supply here, I think that a bucket of water down there should be enough for half a day.”

“I don’t know whether we should turn off the lights after that.”

Yuusuke, with Rashanasha as his helper, was decorating a corps autonomous carriage in the Darkness God Corps’ storehouse. The Darkness God Corps did not have any distinct theme like the other corps, that were drawing inspiration from the fire, water, earth, and wind symbols of the Great Four Gods faith, so Yuusuke decided to wield his customization powers to his utmost to prepare his carriage.

“But wouldn’t this stand out too much?”

“I guess so.”

The two of them giggled, already amused and thinking about the reactions of the spectators. Razshia, who rarely had a chance to leave the mansion would also be enjoying the festival, escorted by Yuusuke’s mansion guards. The two were looking forward to showing her their performance.


The first day of Volnar’s month of Fire.

The Darkness calendar has ended, bringing the Freedom festival to a close. Tomorrow the Creation Festival would start. This festival, marking the start of the new year was opened with the first rays of sunlight shining off of the shouka crystal-like material covered rooftops of the tallest buildings surrounding Volance palace.

Earlier in the morning, the pompously decorated corps carriages had lined up on the road before the storehouses, similarly decorated horses harnessed to them. The knights had also exchanged their traditional uniforms for showy ceremonial ones.

The Fire God Corps were wearing crimson mantles decorated with feather-like decorations, made out to look like a bird’s wings and fine ornaments, affixed to the uniforms with gemstone-encrusted clasps.

The Water God Corps had exchanged their armor-like uniforms for vivid water-blue long-hemmed robes. The knights were boarding their carriage holding small stage props which were probably needed for their performance.

The Earth God Corps uniform was a glossy high-grade leather armor. Instead of horses, their carriage was pulled by earth golems, manipulated by three knights.

The Wind God Corps uniforms were rather modest. The knights were holding buckets with festival props hidden under their lids.

Finally, the Darkness God Corps were clad in obsidian color armor, decorated with finely detailed golden ornaments. They were the last in the parade lineup, riding an open roof carriage, based on the bun that was introduced in the commoner district.

The parade moved through the highborn and middle-class districts with little performances and went all out only after entering the commoner district. Unlike the other years, it was decided that after crossing the district gate, the knight corps would line up before the platform that was erected for the royal family in Lookout Tower Square. The platform was surrounded by city guards, but that did not discourage the huge crowd that gathered to view the spectacle.

The tower itself was closed off to the spectators until the day after the festival. The knights had decided that it is much easier to watch over the festival from the many floors of the tower instead of erecting temporarily raised platforms. Yuusuke’s creation had allowed them to perform their duties with relative ease.

“They are coming! The knight’s procession!”

“They are as flashy as always. It looks like a river of fire is flowing down towards us.”

“The procession will have trouble reaching the district gate! You cannot stand there, move away! Don’t sit there!”

“Okay okay calm down now! Don’t push so hard, it’s dangerous. Calm down!”

The procession briefly disappeared behind the division gate, before the vanguard, the Fire God Corps, carrying ceremonial lances, their spears flaming like torches, had finally entered Lookout Tower Square. Approaching the King’s platform, the anticipation for the finale had peaked.

“Oooh, they are finally here. Yuusuke is at the very end, and I can’t see him from here.”

“Uh uhm… Violet-sama, is it really alright for us to be here?”

“Don’t worry don’t worry, my dad will let it slide.”

King Esvobus was seated on a huge throne at the front of the royal family’s platform. Violet was seated next to him, attended by Rashanasha and Razshia. The two girls could not hide their tension as they took their seats in the chairs near their princess.

Violet had brought them here after hearing from Yuusuke that it would be dangerous for a famous former singing princess and a Darkness God Corp’s servant to attend the festival after all the rumors that were spread during the Freedom festival.

Razshia was super nervous. On top of this being her first time to the festival, she was seated near the royal family. Yet she still raised her eyes towards the district gate in anticipation of the incoming procession. She had helped to prepare Yuusuke’s corps’ carriage, but she was nonetheless looking forward to seeing the spectacle and the spectator’s reactions.

The Fire God Corps captain Krielov headed the procession. Approaching the royalty’s platform, he strengthened his divine art, making his ceremonial spear erupt like a water fountain. The sparks from his spear were shooting into the sky, following his performance, balls of fire began shooting from the gaudy decorations of the carriage, earning him claps and cheers from the audience.

Next the Water God Corps carriage, decorated to resemble a ship, passed by the king. The water art users opened their props and myriads upon myriads of healing arts-infused bubbles had sprung forth and spread around the area. The bubbles didn’t have any strong healing effect, but it did make those that were affected by them feel slightly more energetic.

Giant humanoid shapes appeared from the district gate, causing the crowd to stir. These were the construction golems that were rarely seen by the commoners, that were made to pull the Earth God Corps carriage. While not showy or decorated, the nearly four-meter-high giants pulling the carriage gave off an immense aura.

*Thud Thud* heavy steps following each other, the giants had passed the platform, giving the way to the Wind God corps. Their carriage was decorated by thin strips of cloth, dancing in the air as if to reach for the sky under the effect of the arts. Approaching the platform, the corps had announced their special performance.

“Oooh, as expected from the final carriage.”


A storm of flower petals had assaulted the lookout tower square. Controlled by the wind, the petals joined back together to form a pillar of flowers. The knights continued to add more flowers into the pillar from the top of their cart.

Spectators were awestruck by the magic of the dancing flowers in the middle of the night.

Up until the last year, the Wind God Corps had signaled the end of the parade and were followed up by the King’s grateful speech. That was not to be this year, however, as the newly formed Darkness God Corps had yet to play their part. There were all kinds of rumors floating around them. The audience was eagerly looking at the district gate, awaiting what the newcomers to the festival would show them.

“Hmm, it’s jet black…”

“Is it moving by that special mechanism that had surprised even the Princess?”

The pitch-black carriage was decorated with tiny lights. The small lights, resembling fleeting light of the stars in the night sky had started to increase in number, their lights flickering in and out of the night.

The crowd grew restless. The lights that had covered the carriage had gone out, before suddenly springing back to life all at once. The lights then started flickering in a predefined pattern that made it look like the lights were moving around the carriage.

“Oh-oooooh! This is amazing! I have never seen anything like that before!”

“Excellent! What a performance! No matter how I look at it, it’s amazing.”

“It’s beautiful! This is what Shia had called electrolytic reaction!”

“Yes,these are the same devices that are used in Yuusuke’s mansion.”

These lamps were made based on the small Rinlamp souvenir that Yuusuke had gotten for Violet in Driadria. Mass-produced and attached to the carriage’s frame, the small gimmicks had provided the necessary illumination. Manipulating the lamps themselves was difficult, but Yuusuke had gotten around that by installing additional gimmicks to shield the light off. Additionally, he had installed red, blue, and yellow filters that made the illumination completely unique.

Shifting colors had steadily enveloped the carriage. Everyone in the tower square, be it spectators, guards, knight corps, or the king, everyone was left completely speechless by the sight.

“They love it! They love it!”

“I think that I would be the same as them if I could see it from the side.”

“Ahaha, I feel the same!”    

Vermeer, assisted by Shaheed, was driving the carriage. Fonke was responsible for covering the carriage with a thin wind shield to protect the gimmicks from the dust. Aisha and Isotta were checking the condition of the solar moss and helped Sorzak to provide it with water.

Yuusuke was standing on the top of the carriage with Sun, setting the timing for the next show.

“Yuusuke-san, I can see Shia-san and Rasha-san over there.”

“Wow, they are actually keeping Violet company.”

The princess was waving her arms toward them, and even the King looked to be enjoying the event. Rashanasha and Razshia had also shyly waved their arms at Yuusuke and Sun.

“Good, I think the time’s right. Let’s go with our final performance!”

“Good luck!”

Yuusuke had stretched his arm and called out the customization screen for the parade carriage. The crowd stilled, waiting for the meaning of the Darkness God corps’ captains sign. Then, one by one the small lights started separating from the carriage.

“Consecutive customization~”

Starting with the front bumper of the carriage, the effect gradually spread over the vehicle. Yuusuke based this technique on the shift map that he had repeated many times when he traveled to the Rufk village a little while back.

The tower square had once again erupted with cheers.


Everyone who could afford it had gone to see the parade, thus there were hardly any people left in the other parts of the commoner district. In one of the corners of the district, in a small alley, stood a small deserted store.

The store’s shelves were filled with strange medicines of unknown origin and other illegal goods. It was the so-called black market store that dealt in goods that one could never buy in any common store.

“Master, are you really going to use this thing?”

There was no trouble with the quality or the effectiveness of the product, the store keeper simply seemed disgusted by his patron. Usually, he didn’t care what his clientele was paying for, yet this product was an exception.

“If you want to continue to hold business here, forget me.”

“I understand. You look like a servant of some lord. I don’t have any wishes to end up in prison.”

“Then forget this ever happened.”

The man finished, leaving the store with the bundle that the storekeeper wrapped to him.



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Chapter 91: Melancholy of the Wise King

After spending time at the Fire Festival in Rufk, Yuusuke returned to Sanc Adiet on the 6th of the Darkness Calendar – during the Water Festival.  (T.N. each festival only lasts for one day.) Before leaving the village, they had received a message from Vermeer. He warned them that the rumors about the Evil God that had spread throughout the city had caused unrest amongst the city inhabitants, and therefore, Yuusuke had dismantled his prototype car before arriving at the lower class district, and instead used the shift-map to reach their home.

“We’re home.”

“Welcome home, Yuusuke-sama., Sun-sama.”

After exchanging the usual greetings with Falys, Yuusuke went to catch up with his subordinates from the corps, Rashanasha, and Razshia. It seemed that the corps were on duty throughout the night and most of them were unsteady on their feet from the exhaustion. Isotta was even sleeping on the table near Aisha.

“Yo, good job guys. We Somehow managed to get caught up in another troublesome situation again.”

“Yeah, and this time it feels even more dangerous because it’s happening within our country.”

“I hate it too, but we can’t stop after coming all this way.”

“I want to say that it is not our (my?) fault, but it doesn’t feel like that.”

Thanking everyone for their hard work, Yuusuke glanced at a Bird?? On the table. At that moment Sun came out of the kitchen, carrying a drumstick of a kind of bird, Servants followed behind her with tea and some light snacks. Yuusuke decided to leave his squad and carried the two sleeping girls to the guestroom. After finishing taking care of them, he proceeded to his own quarters to try to get a grasp on the current situation.

His opponents used the festival to further spread the bad rumors about him and his corps. To make it more damaging, they bent the facts, mixed them with a few bits of fake information, and let the people’s imagination do the rest.

“I guess they can’t help but be suspicious of us right now. We should find the source of the rumors immediately.”

“I heard about it from Rashanasha, I also agree that Ifor’s clique is behind it.”

“Do you think so too? Have you heard anything from Violet?”

“Her Highness still seems to be busy with her official duties, and I can’t get in touch with her. I have asked Hivodir to help us for the time being.”

If anyone could get through to the princess now, it was Hivodir, the most prominent member of her fiancé candidates group. Even if the princess herself was not able to move, even if she would order Krielov to act on her behalf, it would be a welcome help in their current situation.

However, even with Krielov’s help, the best they could do was to stop the current rumors and keep order within the mansion. The anti- Darkness God Corps faction was not official and its members were mostly unknown. If Yuusuke had pleaded to the King without any substantial information, his complaints would be written off as baseless rumors.

“Oh boy, who could even think of creating such a mess? How can people even take these rumors for granted…?”

“Aristocrats with prestigious lineages value rank above anything else. It’s not unthinkable.”

“Lineages, eh. They serve the royal family for a few years and get all high and mighty…”

It wasn’t like he had any ambitions, he didn’t make any unreasonable demands nor did he cause the aristocrats any trouble. Honestly, he did nothing to cause them any trouble – Yuusuke could not comprehend why he was being targeted like this.

“It’s so boring,” grumbled Yuusuke, understanding the means but completely unable to understand the reason behind using them.

“Captain, should we pardon the angry mob?”

“Do I look like a monster to you?!”


The eleventh day of the Darkness calendar.

The Freedom Festival had reached its climax, as it was the day where half of the city inhabitants had finished their last day of work before their holiday, and the other half had ended so they wanted to go all out for one last time.

On a certain room on the top floor of the palace, a certain princess rudely snorted, displeased after listening through a report from her Personal Guard and Appointed Educator (Krielov).

“Damn it, I went through all of the troublesome work and thought I can finally play with Yuusuke again!”

“Didn’t you simply misunderstand things?” Yuusuke was going through the data of the prototype train in his customization screen, enjoying a cup of sour flavored rara juice. The train had a few places that were breaking often, and Yuusuke was going over them to make his creation sturdier.

While Tthe freedom festival was known for its lively atmosphere and the people getting stupidly drunk during it, but it was also known for the myriad of fights and thefts, caused by everyone going all out. The city guards were doing their best to stop the latter from occurring, but year by year they simply did not have enough hands to cover the city.

Krielov had warned Yuusuke and Violet, who decided to enjoy the festival with him, about the rumor about the Captain of the Darkness God Corps actually being the manifestation of the Evil God. Yuusuke was not too worried about the rampaging drunks, but he was not confident that his train would be able to hold off the angry mob out on the hunt for the Evil God.

Yuusuke was mindful of that and usually only traveled between his mansion and the palace in his train, however, today he had made a promise with Violet and, although he had no other reasons to visit the palace, he had reluctantly gone out into the city to honor it.

“My father has also expressed his support regarding your matter. He said that he would listen to your opinion on how to recover your reputation.”

“I think that Reifold would have much more insight on dealing with rumors.”

“You don’t say, but doesn’t he look suspicious?”

Violet felt that she could not trust Reifold after the Driadria incident, but she was helpless to change anything and could only look at the King while biting her lip to stop herself from voicing her doubts.


King Esvobus was in his private room. He was just told of his daughter’s worries and heaved a painful sigh as he sank into the back of the armchair.

On top of that, the rumors about the evil god also weighted down on his mind, especially since there was little that could be done since their source was somewhere in the high nobility of the palace, and it would be terrible if he acted right now to quell it.

He was ready to turn he blind eye on the Marquis’ slandering of the Darkness God Corps Captain’s reputation that was worrying his daughter so much, and downplay it as ‘venting of pent up emotions’.

The truth was, that in the Rinwaal liberation war was caused by the Darkness God. The palace officials called for him to take the responsibility and be demoted, saying that he only held this position because he had princess Violet’s support, and it was natural that many saw that as a threat to the power balance within the palace.

Yet, the Corps had prevailed and even managed to win the war. The mysterious circumstances under which the Darkness God Corps had prevailed raised their captain’s Hero status even higher, and it was only natural for the palace officials’ natural to form an opposition faction as a response.

“It would be troublesome if these events would cause Yuusuke to start considering Gazzetta’s proposal because of this.”

The King was perplexed over the possible outcomes of the incident. Yuusuke himself did not see any danger in the situation. Moreover, he was surrounded by the trusty subordinates, and he often interacted with people from the middle-class district. The rumors were sure to die out before long, likely without doing any real harm to him. The real danger was the suspicions that they could cause in the Blue Garden and Gazzetta.

Fonclanc’s relations with Blue Garden had just warmed up and there were still lingering doubts and distrusts amongst the countries. Meanwhile aAlthough there were no open hostilities with Gazzetta at this moment, their usurpation of the former Nossentes had clearly shown its intentions to restore the former Artless country back to its strength.

The five-country alliance plan was also underway, and that plan would require cooperation even between the common folk.

“Ahh, there is no way for me to deal with these rumors, is there…?”

“I believe, the Gazzetta issue will resolve itself sooner or later, but our relations with Queen Rishause still aren’t strong enough.”

King Shinha of Gazzetta, and Queen Rishause of Blue Garden , the two of them had had a close relationship since childhood. Little was known about the Evil God, but, by digging down a little, the stories about it were not that difficult to find. Because of all the Captain’s achievements, there is a chance that they might come to believe some of the rumors about his links with the Evil God of Disaster. Esvobus himself found it rather believable after reading just a one piece of the Evil God mythos, scattered all over the world.

Yet, he has made a single error in his judgment – he cared too much about his friends and subordinates. An enemy, someone from a foreign country, who believed these rumors and wished to gain his power would certainly take advantage of that should he/she became aware of it.

Another notion that could not be ignored was that the anti -Darkness God Corps faction’s true intention was to interfere with the Queen Rishause’s Five Country Unification initiative. The King had a similar weakness of being overly trusting of his retainers and did not see the possibility of them catching winds of this plan.

“Then maybe it is worth forcing Yuusuke into a trouble?”

“Are you telling me to use him as the king (a shogi piece)?. It’s not my style to play like that.”

Esvobus flatly refused Reifold’s suggestion. However, even if he refused the proposal, he was well aware that if it was too late to stop what was set in motion, Yuusuke could be used to gain hold of the entire world.

“You are not greedy, eh?”

“I am greedy enough, yet I lack ambition.”

King repeated the mocking words that Zeshald had told him once. Reifold shrugged his shoulders., tThe evil beasts were dealing more and more damage to the kingdom and that was the most pressing issue at the moment. And a number of issues was yet another problem…

“Ah, my daughter’s smiling face would cure me of all my worries…”

“I think you would only get to see her sullen face right now.”

“No, I think that her sullen face is also cute in a way.”


Reifold cracked a bitter smile at his King’s silly daddy ramblings.

Chapter 90: Tactics

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With the approach of the calendar of Darkness, the sun was setting earlier, and it would continue doing so until it finally  disappeared below the horizon, leaving darkness to engulf the lands of Kaltico throughout the day. The number of evil beasts was continuously increasing, making their subjugation increasingly difficult.

The merchants had become afraid of the attacks resulting in less long distance trading, slowing the circulation of goods within the market.

After being taught a lesson by the annihilation of the special force, the idea of forming a better prepared subjugation force was being spread around the palace through rumours and discussions. The names of the Darkness God Corps members were the foremost candidates of the subjugation force, and that had split the opinions within the anti-darkness god faction.

Some of the more cautious members were carefully lobbying against the corps in an attempt to prevent them from getting any more achievements, despite the level of their skills, while the more aggressive ones were calling for another test to see if the magical flutes were really ineffective despite the dangers of such a mission.

The cautions faction’s view was not to further increase the activities of the Darkness God Corps, but to use traditional methods to push their own members to become heroes, while the radical/impatient faction would rather crush the problem, quickly and efficiently.

After hearing both side’s opinion, Marquis Vordat felt that under the current circumstances both methods were hardly viable.

Although it was a great time to gain merit due to the grave state of the magical beast issue, the previous failure of the special ops made it difficult to recruit new talent. Previously it was not known that the magical flute wasn’t effective against these anti-divine arts enhanced magical beast.

It was possible that the Darkness God Corps might be able to do something, but the palace officials felt somewhat embarrassed to ask for them. After finally establishing a new magical beast subjugation force, while distributing the tasks for the mission, the officials were mutually avoiding this topic.

“….it seems that we can’t come to a conclusion. Well, we shall end it here today, the next meeting will be on the 3rd day of the darkness calendar. That is all.”

The first day of the darkness Calendar is the beginning of the freedom festival. After considering the preparations for the festivals that each household needed to hold, Marquis Vordat set the date for the next meeting after the festival.


On the 19th day of Fyolnar’s wind month, Yuusuke was on vacation and had brought Sun along to town to buy souvenirs before their trip back to Rufk village. The freedom festival isn’t the typical feast. Not only is it for completing the year end accounts, but it also involved the year end party to enjoy food and drinks. It lasts for 20 days.

The first to the fifth day of the darkness calendar were known as fire days, the 6th to 10th days – as water days, and the rest were all split accordingly. Yuusuke planned to visit Rufk village during the fire days, he planned to stay at his mansion during the water days and on the earth days he would be heading to the palace.

The palace soldiers will end their holiday on the earth days as they will then begin their preparations for a parade for the birth of the next calendar.

“Now, the next thing is.”

“How about looking for clothes for Eru-chan?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

After purchasing items from the street stores at the market, Yuusuke and his group began heading towards the middle class district tailor store to find new clothes for Elfiona. While the commoner district became livelier, the middle class district stores seemed to have a lingering forlorn atmosphere. Looking closely, there were a lot of closed off stores.

“Are the shop owners taking a rest today?”

“No….most likely, they lack stock to sell.”

Many of the items sold in the middle-class district were luxury goods. Sanc Adiet maintained the quality of the goods, thus they did not establish any mass production industry. It’s clothes and ceramics were previously imported from Trent Rietta or ordered from Nossentes.

With the magical beasts havoc paralyzing trading, the middle class district which, unlike the custom made items made for noble district stores and the free market commoner district stores, relied on imports, saw their stocks plummet.

“In the near future, there will most likely be a magical beast extermination mission.”

“I agree….”

For the time being, they headed towards the open stores to purchase a few children clothes that suited Elfiona. When midday came, and the sun was sinking below the horizon, they began their preparations to head back to Rufk village.

Previously, he was testing his ability movement shift when they headed back for the dance festival, however due to the time constraints, Yuusuke opted to use vehicles this time round.

“I think that should be enough for today.”

“Isn’t this a motorized vehicle?”

At the soldier’s palace entrance stood a customized square vehicle. This prototype carriage could carry an additional passenger and sported an improved gimmick motor. It was slightly faster than a horse pulled carriage and could almost reach a speed of 30km/h.

A sofa was used in place of the seats to help cope with a sore butt during the long rides. Two rin lamps were placed at the front of the vehicle to light the way and one more was installed inside the vehicle, a compartment for goods was also added in the rear, and was easily reachable by simply pulling the sofa seat down. The vehicle also had seatbelts

“Shall we head out?”


Under the dark of the midday “Moving out~,” Yuusuke cried out wearilly, not unlike his usual energetic self when testing the other prototypes. Previously when he was also testing out his movement shift ability, he could only talk to Sun when taking a break. This time however, the trip was much more comfortable and safer, thus he was able to enjoy chatting with her.

*GOROGORO the rumbling sound of the wheels rotating. Yuusuke and Sun were having an enjoyable ride it would take approximately 4 hours before they reach Rufk village.

They had a small rest time during the middle of the trip, but what happened there was a secret between them.


During the nights of the darkness calendar, everyone in the towns and villages were singing and enjoying themselves at the freedom festival. On one of the nights, the anti-darkness faction gathered in one of the rooms within the palace, a restless atmosphere surrounded the seats as they took their places.

To them, the end of the year festival was a special festival ever since they were children. They couldn’t help but to feel the exhilaration of the upcoming year.

However, like cold water being poured on their heads, bad news began to arrive one by one, and finally, a little bit late, Marquis Vordat had entered the room. With new information about the Darkness God Corps, they had put a ridiculous plan into action.

“Is that….true…?”

“No doubt, it’s exactly like the information.”

“However, the king would never…..”

“I myself couldn’t believe that King Esvobus would do such an unimaginable thing.”

The information was about the Evil God which was sent from Gazzetta.

Gazzetta is ruled by one of the old tribes, the “White tribe”, who worships the Evil God as their savior.

It seems that the King of Gazzetta had been trying to invite the Darkness God Captain Yuusuke, who is known as the Evil God, to defect to Gazzetta..

Thus, Gazzetta does not directly stand off against the Darkness God Corps.

“In the beginning I was skeptical about the Evil God, but with Nossentes treating it as top secret, the chance of the Darkness God Captain being the Evil God is very high.”

“What about the King?”

“King Esvosbus seems to have known this since the beginning.”


After knowing that such an outrageous plan was put into action, King Esvosbus created policies opposing the Four Great Gods faith and strived to create social equality within the society.

Due to the frivolous mood of the freedom festival, someone had leaked the details of the meeting that was held with the Queen Rishause in the Deernook fortress. The 5 race union ideal and plan was known from the Queen’s environment.

“However, is there any evidence that our King is involved in this plan?”

“Unfortunately, there is. Not only is there evidence that King Esvobus is fully aware of the situation, but the Queen’s plan is also known amongst the King’s entourage.”

Only a very small group of people in the palace surrounding the king had known about it.

“Hmph, but isn’t the Evil God of disaster just a legend….”

“Where is the Darkness God Captain currently at?”

“I heard he went back to that Artless village.”

“By any chance, is Zeshald-dono involved?”

They exchanged glances with each other and realized why Marquis Vordat had not rashly made a decision. In any way, in order to strongly condemn the Darkness God the details had to be worked out very cautiously. One wrong move meant them accidentally denouncing the King.

“We don’t need to overthink this, the details that were made known today must not reach other people. King Esvobus is a cunning person.”

The various rumors and confidential information about the Evil God were contradicting each other. Due to the lack of information, targeting the 5 race union was dangerous. They knew that the information that they currently have would see their religion overturned sooner or later.

Hearing about this, the participants of the meeting turned blue. Imagining the normally gentle King Esvobus, who would have a hard time making a decision, making a great purge of their ideals with the demise of Nossentes.

“From now on, our aim is to condemn the Darkness God Corps captain in the name of eliminating the Evil God, aiming to crush the 5 race union behind the scenes.”

Using their usual strategy of circulating negative rumors as a method of defaming the Darkness God Corps Captain, they decided on solving the problem by creating more sophisticated rumours and to have more people spread them around.

In addition, to denounce the Darkness God Captain as a pawn of Gazzetta and the harbinger of disaster. In order to prevent the threat from the Evil God, King Esvosbus had to curry favor with Gazzetta. The Darkness God Corp’s achievements are built up on the disasters brought out by the Evil God.

“The main objective is to create distrust between the two countries by pointing out the connection between Blue Garden’s Queen and Gazzetta’s King.”

And at the same time, to emphasize the existence of the Evil God in all those events which will cause the suspicion to fall on the Darkness God Captain.

In short, it’s a conspiracy between Blue Garden’s Queen and the Gazzeta’s King. The fact that they had released Gazzetta’s army during the battle of Paula is without a doubt a scheme of the Evil God to rack up achievements. This was the rumour that they had decided to spread in taverns.

For some reason or another, the mighty country of Nossentes which had a history of successful defending against Gazzetta’s invasion had fallen overnight during the Darkness God Captain’s visit.

The early stage of Trent Rietta’s upheaval was caused by the head of the instigating organisation and the Darkness God Corps. While the Rinval liberation group had many casualties, the Darkness God’s group had hardly any injuries which seems too unnatural. These facts were very convenient to feed the conspiracy theories. .

“Everything since the incident in Deernook fortress was a conspiracy by the Evil God!”

The ones who benefited the most from the series events were the Evil God and Gazzetta. During the magical beast facility incident, Gazzetta had sent a group of artless warriors as backup. This info was brought by the mercenaries.

At this rate, Fonclanc will become the next Nossentes, as currently Princess Violet is being deceived.

In the beginning, these rumours would be spread during small talk in taverns, then to distributing fliers by some shady individuals until they would finally reach the walls of the palace. These rumors will then slowly spread amongst the common soldiers and servants before dying down after some light warnings.

“Our anti-Darkness God Crops and anti-Evil God faction will comprise halfway with King Esovobus’ initiative for Queen’s Risha Idea of a 5 race union.”

As long as King Esvobus is on the throne, we can use the faith of the Four Gods and the Five Nation Union to crush him. As Princess Violet will not do anything about this, the King would have to be placed into a situation where he would be forced to dispose off the Darkness God Captain.

If by any chance the King would attempt to deny the Four Great Gods faith, the people that have gathered here for today’s meeting would be prepared to confront him.


As darkness veiled the land of Kaltico. The bonfire and moonlight were the only sources of light during these days of the freedom festival, those that lived in the dark had an easier time moving around. The Evil God’s descent, this sensation allowed the ease of spreading  the story of the destruction of the world.

“Isotta, how’s that area?”

“Even the artless street area is hearing about it, the number of people picking this up is many…”

“Somehow it is also being spread in the middle class district, it seems that it has been spreading widely.”

“The captain is still currently at Rufk village.”

Instead of contacting him immediately, Shaheed proposed to gather more intel before the captain returns tomorrow. Vermeer agreed and judged that it would be better if they have details to provide to their captain. For now their focus became the gathering of intel.

“Princess Violet seems to be tied down with official business currently.”

“If possible we should try our best to help the captain with this.”

“I will get the cleaners to try and gather those fliers.”

“Alright go ahead with it, I will try to get Hivodir-dono to help.”

As the rumors of the Darkness God Captain Yuusuke began to spread rapidly, the Darkness God Corps members begin to establish the frontline defense. Among the common soldiers, there were those who had previously been around the Darkness God Captain, and knew that something felt wrong, and thus they had their suspicions about the current rumors.

However, unlike the previous one that had faults in it, this mysterious article seemed to be very persuasive, with the currently on-going festival the rate which it was spreading was quick, thus it became something that everyone knew even though few thought it to be  credible.

The fliers contents were signed by an unknown author who had chosen the written word to warn the masses about the Evil God instead of public appeal because of the fear for his life.

[The contents…]

The captain of the Darkness God Corps is actually the God of Calamity!

Gazzetta believes that the Evil God is actually a savior of the Artless!

The Evil God is actually a pawn of Gazzetta. That is the reason he’s giving preferential treatment to the Artless.

Blue Garden’s Queen and the Gazzetta’s king are actually related. This was why Blue Garden had abolished the caste system!

The Evil God is aiming to destroy the divine arts users society. This coincides with Gazzetta’s plot. Someone from the very core of Fonclanc is actually using his country’s resources to help the other countries!

First he has destroyed Nossentes, a country that stood at the center of the Four Great Gods faith. Then he caused a revolt in Trent Rietta.

Now he has spread a plague of modified evil beasts, which is the bane of all divine arts users.

People how much more proof do you need to open your eyes!

[…were as such.]

“Oh boy, were we lucky to only face outside adversaries until now.”

Vermeer sighed painfully, reading the flier on one of the streets of the Nobles’ district.

Chapter 89 : The Singing Princess’ Hidden Actions

In accordance with the request of the Fonclanc, the officials of the original Wind Edge that were escorted from Trent Rietta had arrived in the city of Sanc Adiet, the date of the emergency meeting was to be held 5 days later. Following Valerie is Benefrost, who was formerly in charge of the former magical beast military officers and subordinates.

Yuusuke had pleaded to King Esvobus, through Violet, to grant forgiveness to Benefrost regarding the Trent Reitta incident..

Her charisma within the organisation was high, thus it was determined that it would be better to keep her alive. Currently, the former members of the organisation were sentenced to forced labor in the mines while Benefrost acted as a mediator.

Valerie who, was under house arrest, had to leave behind her two attendants in the house of Elforodas located in Rinval. The point of having her come along with Benefrost was to serve as a hostage. Although it was an unnecessary constraint, it was part of deliberate preparation for the cautious King Cliffzard.

Incidentally, the General Affairs Officer, Fortress, was KIA, while Financial Officer Aizhar was still MIA.

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Chapter 88: In the countermeasure meeting

During this time of the year the sun barely rose over the horizon. It was still noon, but the highway through the forest was already covered in shadow. When evening comes, the road will be dark as if it was midnight.

The Special subjugation force was marching towards an inn town near Trent Rietta border. They were resting at the side of the road when they were suddenly attacked and annihilated by a pack of the evil beasts. The evil beast attack within Fonclanc’s territory caught the force completely unaware and the soldiers were unable to mount any kind of resistance.

The soldiers within the force were highly skilled, but the force was assembled with haste and when a divine arts obstruction aura had hit them, disabling the communication type wind arts, the entire chain of command had collapsed and the force was acting sluggishly.

By the time the force had reorganized themselves, nearly one third of the soldiers had already fallen prey to the fangs of the evil beasts.

Their troubles didn’t end there, as the magic flutes that were supposed to counteract the effects of the divine arts obstruction aura did not function as expected – the aura had weakened considerably but did not entirely dissipate. In the end the subjugation force knights were practically blind because of the darkness, and the divine arts obstruction aura had forced them to resort to melee.

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