Chapter 38 : White Beast (Lunaris)

With the aim of reaching the Artless village that the prestigious family of Volace owns, the soldier carriages carrying the darkness god corps trotted along the highway in the night.

“Erm, Captain…..”(Vermeer)

“Don’t worry.”(Yuusuke)


On the carriage, Vermeer had a very complex expression as the King of Gazzetta was sitting next to Yuusuke. Although he said not to worry, the ‘Mission’ that was bestowed to the Captain of the Darkness God Corps, Yuusuke, was extremely difficult.




The one with the most complaints, Fonke, was currently busy stabilizing the carriage that was running at high speed, the second one that likes the nag a lot, Aisha, was restoring the horse strength through the use of her water arts.


Shaheed, on the other hand, didn’t have any interest in these things. With Isotta being as guilty as Yuusuke. That’s why, it was Vermeer’s role to question why Shinha was traveling with them, but–


“Well, don’t worry too much. By the way, it’s best to turn off the light source soon.”(Yuusuke)

“So what you’re saying is listen to my command!”(Vermeer)




Seeing how Yuusuke’s and Shinha’s exchanges were without tension, Vermeer shakes his head as he dimmed the lights.

On the highway ahead of them was a small light. It seemed that they have reached the Village of artless where Hivodir was currently residing. For the time being, they waited for the instructions from their captain, but before Vermeer could speak out, Isotta issued a warning that there were enemies around the area.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 38 : White Beast (Lunaris)

  1. Why are the translation notes all so cringe worthy? I could understand translation notes that goes (On the original text, this is how it was written so we decided to translate it this way.) But there so many unnecessary and pointless ones. They’re not even translation notes. They’re just unnecessary comments. Don’t you feel embarrassed by those?


    • Sometimes 😉
      Noone complained about them before and there were some positive comments about it. I do t think any of then are offensive, and you can alvays skip to the next line as soon as you see a (T.N.
      In short, is it really that wrong for us to have our own little fun when characters are acting silly?


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