Chapter 40: Flames, fangs, and an underground city

In the upper reaches of the Volance palace, king Esvobus was discussing with his officials about the situation so far and the measures that they would take from now on. The heated discussion was now ongoing regarding the damage to a dukedom and whether palace knight corps should be dispatched there to defend it from further attacks.
Due to the decaying internal situation, there were voices calling to postpone the conference with Blue Garden.


When Yuusuke’s group returned to the palace, the night was already late. They returned back to the city with the knights when the reinforcements arrived to replace them in the village. They were now on the standby, preparing to resume their patrol duties.
When they arrived at the city, Shinha disembarked from their carriage and disappeared within the artless district. It seemed, that he would return to Gazzetta tomorrow, after spending one more day to observe the situation.

“With this we are done here for today. Good work, everyone.” (Yuusuke)
“Thanks, you too, captain.” (Vermeer)
“We’ll be at the resting room for a while.” (Men)
“Yaaaawn, I’m beat.” (Aisha)

After they said their goodbyes at the carriage boarding area, they split up to rest. Vermeer and Shaheed turned towards the resting room to take a nap, Aisha returned to her own room. Fonke seemed to be going to visit the nightsingers as usual, while Isotta returned to her parents’ home in the artless district.

“Then, we’re off.” (Men)

Hivodir’s luxurious cloak was tattered, the elegance it was supposed to give off long gone. Rifuose, the servant girl(use maid T-T) was standing near Hivodir. She tried to bow politely, however she was so weary that she was barely standing and had stumbled instead. Hivodir promptly lent the girl a shoulder to prevent her from falling.

“I am terribly sorry.” (Rifuose)

Yuusuke was surprised to see this side of Hivodir, as the girl promptly apologized with a weak voice.


The next day, morning —

Violet, dissatisfied with the darkness god corps being ordered around with no prior notice, informed Yuusuke that it could not be helped, but his corps were ordered to act as reinforcements for the Volace mansion in the dukedom.
Still, in regards with the actions of the evil god corps in saving the Volace mansion, other important families that eyed Yuusuke with suspicions up until now had started to change their opinion of him.

It was especially evident between the families, whose sons were the fiancé candidates. They were ordered by their families to thank Yuusuke on their behalf for the safe return of the chief fiancé candidate, Hivodir. (T. N. was he supposed to be saved? Lunaris pls!)

“There’s a person from Gazzetta in the city?” (Krielov)
“He is Shinha-sama, the prince of Gazzetta?” (Violet)
“No, he is supposed to be their king.” (Krielov)
“A king came alone all the way out here?” (Violet)

Krielov and Violet were stupefied after receiving a report about the latest mission of the evil god corps. Violet caught Krielov by the hem of his clothes and stopped him from rushing out of the room.

“Wait a bit, Krielov.” (Violet)
“But now the king of Gazzetta is in out there in the city, we can’t let this chance pass.” (Krielov)
“What for? Do you want to create an excuse for an all-out war with Gazzetta?” (Violet/Yuusuke)
“Ah, no… that is…” (Krielov)

Stuttered Krielov, who was caught thinking only of a possible benefit of restraining the king of Gazzetta, who might be responsible for the recent attacks. If Shinha was right, by doing so Krielov would be playing right into the ploy of the third party (Nossentes) which Yuusuke had informed them about.

“I want to meet him too. Do you think you could arrange it, Yuusuke?” (Violet)
“Again with your absurd ideas… I think he might still be at Isotta’s” (Yuusuke)
“Princess… you can’t be possibly thinking of… at least take some guards with you (travel incognito)” (Krielov)
“Of course I am, I just have to do it without being noticed.” (Violet)

Violet remembered the ghost incident and the underground level of the city that has been closed off. Princess proposed an idea where she would wait inside of underground levels of the palace while Yuusuke would lead Shinha to her by customizing an underground passage under the guidance of Sorzak.

“So, you want me to create a tunnel from the very edge of the city?” (Yuusuke)
“Mhm, I do expect to meet you at the underground soon.” (Violet)


On his way to the artless district, Yuusuke stopped by Sorzak’s shop. When he arrived at Isotta’s house he found Shinha almost ready to leave and told him that princess Violet wanted to meet him.

“Sure, why not.” (Shinha)
“At least think a little before agreeing.” (Yuusuke)

Taking Shinha along with him, he entered the lower class district and proceeded through the less crowded streets towards the place in the middle class district that Sorzak has directed them to. Although the entrance was closed only three days ago, it seemed that a new hole had already reopened.

“So Sorzak, you continue to frequent the underground despite the warnings…” (Yuusuke)
“No, no it’s not me… It reappeared due to a busy road nearby.” (Sorzak) (T.N. Sorzak meant that hole appeared because of the vibrations from a nearby road)

Happy to take every chance to explore the underground city, Sorzak answered with a joke thinking that this time the trip underground was not related to any punishable offence. After all, not to mention the usage of the underground space, even disclosing the information about its existence was a breach of law.

“… princess is waiting for us in the underground of the palace, correct?” (Sorzak?)
“Haha, knowing that princess it’s truly a befitting place for her.” (Yuusuke?)
“Hmm, speaking of the royalty of Fonclanc, they are sure complacent to the lower castes…” (Shinha)
“No, I think that Violet is a special case?” (Sorzak?)

“You are pretty special yourself,” retorting that to Sorzak, Yuusuke proceeded down the alley, apologizing to the nightsingers that had taken their posts there.
At first the girls started to run away not minding that they were bare naked, however, when one of them shouted “It’s captain Yuusuke from the evil god corps,” they soon put up their business smiles and proceeded to make their advances.
Although Yuusuke politely refused as he was on a mission, they attempted to fake fainting as a last ditch effort to get his attention. Finally, following Sorzak’s, who was carrying a lantern, they reached an unnatural opening in the wall and descended to the underground city of the middle class district.

“If we take this way, there is a shortcut to the palace, however a large part of the road through the upper class district will be submerged.” (Sorzak)
“Aah, it’s all right, I will deal with it somehow.” (Yuusuke)
“Hmm… this is an ideal hiding place.” (Shinha)
“… don’t disappear on us here, okay?” (Yuusuke)

Since one had to enter the middle class district if one wanted to enter the underground, it would be unreasonable for artless, who’s movements in the district were restricted, to hide here. However, since it was Shinha we are talking about here, Yuusuke thought that this guy could actually do it.


After following Sorzak’s directions for over one hour, the group ended up in front of something that looked similar to the wall that divided the districts.

“The underground on the other side of this wall should belong to the palace.” (Sorzak)
“I see.” (Shinha)

Checking the surroundings in the customization menu, Yuusuke confirmed that this structure used to be the old protective wall (of the palace). By creating a passage in this wall they were able to enter the palace underground. Admiring the ancient underground, Sorzak diverted his attention towards a strange dull sound that resounded in the labyrinth.

“This sound…” (Sorzak)
“It’s probably Violet.” (Yuusuke)

It was an electric fan, a sound that was unfamiliar to the people of Fonclanc. Only the [Flying saucer] that Violet had could have emitted it in this world. It seemed they were close to their destination so Yuusuke shouted slightly louder than usually.

“Viiioooolet! Aare yoouu theeree?!” (Yuusuke)
“Yuusuke! Yoouu aare heeree aalreeadyy!?” (Violet)
“Yes! I am around the carriage boarding area!” (Yuusuke)

Echoes of their shouts reverberated in the area. After exchanging shouts a few more times they met each other in the entrance hall of the old palace.
Members of the evil god corps, as well as Sun, armed with the bow, stood alongside Krielov and Violet. Sun exchanged the corps uniform, she had worn in the training grounds earlier, for some simple clothes, meanwhile Krielov was staring at Shinha with wary eyes.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you for the first time, princess of Fonclanc.” (Shinha)
“Call me Violet. I am glad you accepted the invitation, king of Gazzetta.” (Violet)
“It’s Shinha. Why did you want to meet with me?” (Shinha)
“There was no particular reason. I just wanted to meet you, since the opportunity presented itself.” (Violet)
“Is that so?” (Shinha)

[“Informal secret meeting between king Shinha and princess Violet?“] With thoughts like that, the tension rose amongst the spectators, Krielov’s forehead swiftly gaining its trademark wrinkles. Princess of the flames and the white wolf exchanged a few more sentences to gauge the capabilities of the other party.

“So, you want to get Yuusuke to join you?” (Violet)
“Hmph! Evil god, a being that carries decision over the cycles of the world, don’t you think that such being is beyond you?” (Shinha)
“Wa–! Wa–!” (Yuusuke?) (T.N. Yuusuke tried to speak English here)

Hearing Shinha speaking of evil god, Yuusuke frantically tried to interrupt the conversation. He was lucky as instead of listening to Shinha, Violet hit him (Yuusuke) with a frying fan shouting “You are noisy!!”

“Hey, don’t be noisy. I already know that Yuusuke is the evil god.” (Violet)
“Hah, how?!” (Yuusuke)

Yuusuke was so shocked that he even mixed in some English words. Violet continued as the flying saucer recovered from the crash and started rising again from the top of Yuusuke’s head.

“What’s with the strange accent? I heard it from Sun earlier.” (Violet)
“Ah!… I am terribly sorry. I accidently spoke of it earlier.” (Sun)
“Haaah.” (Yuusuke)

Thinking of how could this happen, Yuusuke could not utter a word. She was certainly tricked into revealing it, however it also meant that Sun trusted Violet enough to share her innermost secrets.
However the members of the evil god corps, who supported Yuusuke though dangerous missions, were also people who deserved to be trusted. Meanwhile the girl in question, Sun, touched Yuusuke’s back and froze (all red). Violet, turned towards Shinha, looked at him with youthful fire in her eyes, and told him:

“Well, with this being the case there is all the more reason for preventing Yuusuke from joining you.” (Violet)
“…” (Shinha)

Unusually for Shinha, he could not retort to the bold act of the princess. Yuusuke feeling the atmosphere around the two and being fully aware of what Violet is capable off, turned to Shinha and spoke:

“This princess is sure difficult to deal with.” (Yuusuke)
“Eh, this cute looking thing?” (Shinha)
“I don’t know about cute, but she acted like that in the past as well.” (Yuusuke)
“Your patience sure is something.” (Shinha)

Violet tried to appeal to the two guys who were speaking her down, but, unable to discern truth from lies, she could only laugh sarcastically. However, due to this, the strained atmosphere of an informal secret meeting turned to calm and relaxed one in just an instant.

“Speaking of queen Rishause, it seems that the meeting with Blue Garden will be postponed.” (Violet)

Violet had heard this in the morning as she stumbled upon a discussion between her father, his close aides, and the bureaucrats when she went to greet him this morning. Shinha was unhappy with these news. In the light of the recent events it had some sense as merely talking about the problem was not enough.

Shinha explained that if he was right and Nossentes was indeed responsible for the actions that escalated the conflict between Fonclanc and Gazzetta, he thought it to be much more beneficial to deepen the relationship with queen Rishause, who held full authority within her kingdom, as the people of the Blue Garden were surely be affected by these events.

“If Fonclanc and Blue Garden become allies, wouldn’t that trouble Gazzetta in the future?” (Violet)
“That is of no significance to us.” (Shinha)
“Hmm, you are pretty full of yourself.” (Violet)
“Because I have already assumed this to happen.” (Shinha)


Before long their informal secret meeting came to an end and Violet’s group returned to the palace, while Yuusuke and Sorzak guided Shinha back into the city.

“Do your plans include a confrontation with Fonclanc?” (Yuusuke)
“If that will be necessary, yeah.” (Shinha)
“Rather, you spoke earlier that you need the divine arts users society to crumble before the prosperity of the white tribe can be returned.” (Yuusuke)
“As this involve all of Kaltcio, I will need evil god’s power to accomplish that.” (Shinha)

Yuusuke was again burdened with the thoughts on how much did Shinha know about the evil god. He felt that he would have to visit the white tribe’s village one way or another at some point in the future. As for Shinha’s words that he would be an essential part in his plans, Yuusuke had no way to confirm or deny the meaning behind these words.

“You were speaking about the possibility of becoming hostile in the future, but what would you do if you were caught here?” (Yuusuke)
“I am not an essential part of this plan. If I were to perish here, Gazzetta would just welcome a new king that would lead them to the new era.” (Shinha)
“How do I say it… you would not mind another person becoming a king?” (Yuusuke)
“Don’t be so negative.” (Shinha)

Anyhow, it was clear to Yuusuke that Shinha was acting on his own volition, in fact, he seemed to be easily handling his duty. Shinha’s way of talking about the revival of the white clan empire, it too seemed like he was talking about something that was destined to fall sooner or later.
Contradiction between talking like he understood that nothing is eternal in the world yet actively striving towards the fulfillment of the desire of the white tribe did not feel right for Yuusuke. Yuusuke felt that he wanted to have a nice chat with Shinha, leaving countries, evil god and other matters aside.

“Then, until the next time we meet!” (Yuusuke)
“Uhm, see ya.” (Shinha)

Escorted out of the underground and then to the artless district, Shinha left Sanc Adiet without any more delays.


“Then, call me again if you need anything.” (Sorzak)
“Mhm, thank you.” (Yuusuke)

Having separated with Sorzak in the middle class district, Yuusuke returned to the palace and headed towards the knights resting room. Violet, having returned from the underground, was having a lively chat with the members of the evil god corps and Sun. Lastly, Krielov was at his desk, making arrangements to advise the King against postponing the meeting with Blue Garden.

“Oh, you are back, Yuusuke.” (Violet)
“Good work captain. Please join us.” (Vermeer)
“Yuusuke-san, please take this.” (Sun + Isotta)

Sun and Isotta presented Yuusuke with a cup of rara juice, which was the drink that everyone was enjoying. Having used a moment when Yuusuke let his guard down, while being approached by the girls, Fonke asked Yuusuke a certain question.

“By the way… yesterday in the city—“ (Fonke)

Able, or unable to read the atmosphere, he asked Yuusuke about a certain rumor that he had heard in the town.

“They say that you like all types of girls, no matter if they are divine arts users or artless.“ (Fonke)
“Ah, something about being a hero, that is a subjective opinion…” (Yuusuke)
“But the rumors say that you had a nice time with a girl from one of the elite troupes of Blue Garden on the day that you conquered the entire fortress.” (Fonke)
“Wait! Were you the one that started this rumor?!” (Yuusuke)
“They say that you also relentlessly force yourself on your subordinates.” (Fonke)
“The last rumor is probably related to Isotta, because I heard it in the street stall market street.” (Fonke)
“People in the city say that you were forcing yourself on a frightened Isotta.” (Fonke)

It seemed that Fonke had remembered that Yuusuke was in Isotta’s house, when he was searching for him because of the emergency dispatchment orders. He seemed to have mixed it with other rumors and greatly over exaggerated the situation. And of course, the person himself (Yuusuke) did not found this conversation funny.

“Captain~, it’s not good to use force yourself on the girls~” (Fonke)
“You should be gentle with the girls.” (Vermeer)
“Hey, guys, wait a bit…” (Yuusuke)

Fonke and Vermeer were overdoing it. Aisha was ordered by the princess not to interfere, as Violet herself was just watching the bullying while Shaheed was just sitting silently not saying a word during the entire conversation.

“Why are you speaking about brute force? He was certainly using his strength at first, but… captain was trying to be kind!” (Isotta)


The resting room fell into a complete silence as Isotta tried to help Yuusuke out by explain the situation, omitting some key points like “he was carrying the luggage” or “it did not mean that I was angry just because I was silent”.

“Uhm…. Yuusuke, if you want to play around, there are plenty of nightsingers in the city. It is better to not go after the inexperienced ones.
“If you want, I can get you some of the palace girls,” added Violet, barely containing her laugh from all these gossips.

“Since you are a man, I understand that you are interested in such acts. However, I think you should keep it in moderation.” (Sun)

Although Sun said it in a calm voice, her shoulders were shaking.


It was a rare day when Yuusuke was being picked upon.


At the bank of a huge lake in the southern part of Fonclanc, an armed group of ten men, dressed in Gazzetta uniforms, were wrapping up the final discussions about their raid plan for the next artless village.

During their last attack a noble had escaped along with several servants. They received a report that the pursuit group that chased after them was destroyed. The report was sent by a single person of the pursuit group that managed to survive. However the contents of the report were troublesome.

“Did captain of the Fonclanc’s evil god corps and Shinha, king of Gazzetta really joined forces…?” (Attack group member A)
“Think about it for a little bit” (Attack group member B)

Commanding officer groaned since king Shinha had to be involved in this if actions of the artless soldiers were coordinated with the movements of the evil god corps. His underlings seemed to agree with him.

According to their collaborators in Gazzetta, the army movements that were obvious before had become hard to read. Since such unexpected events occurred it became very dangerous to continue acting in the enemy territory.

As they could not make their decision on the spot, they opted to temporarily return to their country.

“Really, the existence of the evil god corps in a pain in the butt…” (Attack group member A)
Even if they were still new, Volmes sighed after losing three useful soldiers and issued a retreat order.


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  1. Haha i love how Yuuske always brings confusion to the enemy… Anyways this is the first time we’re seeing everyone together!!! So funny man. Violet has really gotten bolder but still lacks heavy experience, i feel the water queen wouldnt get along with Violet.


  2. in the line “No, I think that Violet is a special case?” (Sorzak?) I think instead of Sorzak it should be Yuusuke. only Yuusuke is ignorant enough to say that to a royal person.

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  3. Yuusuke, please totally remove that underground passage from the outskirts of the city to within the lower levels of the royal palace. It is the perfect invasion route for both assassins or a military assault.


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