Chapter 81 : Happenings on the street of the relay town (Lunaris)

Hivodir’s reinforcements that had earlier headed to Rinval were currently assisting in King Cliffzard’s escape, while an emergency measure meeting was being held in Volance palace. At the same time, the Darkness God Corps was getting ready to head towards Trent Rietta.
The discussion on how to handle the custody of Valerie and her members would be held after dinner.
Considering their circumstances other than knowing the organisation and simply being a captive, Valerie was just being used by the organisation.
Whether it was using magical beasts as part of the Wind Edge’s forces, Valerie was upset with the actions the 3 officers had undertaken which had dishonoured the Elfodoras Family. She hoped that asking the organization members to surrender would cause turmoil within the inner part of Wind Edge.
“It’s possible, but what should I do?”
“What to do huh…the choice is yours. You should decide the path you want to follow.”
“I see”
Soon after, King Esvosbus approved the proposal of the Darkness God Corps. A few days ago, King Cliffzard was reorganizing the army that had escaped together with him from the battle at Rinval’s the Wind Edge forces, and the unofficial participation of the head of the Elfdoras family was recognized as a strategy by the Darkness God Corps.
Valerie will be there representing, to atone for her family, by helping King Cliffzard to reclaim the capital.
The next day, Hivodir’s reinforcement had joined up with Trent Rietta’s liberation army on the shoreline highway and the advance to Rinval began.
The investigation unit that was under the Darkness God Corps, was currently in the border relay town, which was on the highway that connected directly to Rinval. They were there to support Hivodir’s reinforcements and Trent Rietta’s Liberation army.
Vermeer and Welsh anticipated that an interception force might come from Driadria.
“The forces in Driadria consist of 2 battalions of mercenaries totaling around 480. The magical beast unit will have around 12.”
“However, the number of mercenaries in the capital is somewhere around the thousands… The combined forces of the reinforcement and liberation army might not even reach ¼ of theirs.”
“If all the mercenaries were to fight, they would be a threat. But considering the situation now, the upkeep expenses of such an army are unreasonably high..”
“I believe that the general affairs officer, Fortress, will most likely use the capital reserves and the civilians in military employment.”
If they were to be successful integrated into Wind Edge’s army, the total estimated force will be around 2000 people, however ~~
“Well, since the old days, the citizens’ nature were hard to alter, so there will be those who would refuse the call out.”
“Ah….I know that feeling.”
Due to the frequent changes of the King and hearing the reasons to change the throne, the people understood that the rebellion was unrelated to them. While the reinforcements and Trent Rietta’s Army were doing a rough strategy training, the Darkness God Corp’s survey party had arrived at the relay town on the border.

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