Chapter 26: The Evil God’s Roar(Lunaris)

TN: this chapter is a long one so it will be split over 2 release cycles. When the second part is released this post will be deleted and replaced with the full chapter. TOC/Menu update will be delayed until the chapter is full released.

The Civil war turmoil within the Fortress City of Paula began unnoticed as the majority of the populace was fast asleep. On the second floor passages, within the great walls where the Water Mirror HQ lies, the elites team of Izapnar were poised to launch their raid, which was followed by a battle proceeding the god militia’s ambush of the Water Mirror Camp.

Just before the raid was carried out, one member of the elite group, without any regards of any danger, had brought the attack information to the Water Mirror HQ.

“Ah, Mr.Zeshald.”

“What’s the current situation?”(Zeshald)

In one of the rooms of the Water Mirror HQ, those who were injured in combat were being healed. In the corner of that room, several water arts users were doing their utmost to heal one lady. The young lady who wore a burned uniform of the water troupe, had been burnt around her shoulders. She was the one who brought information about the attack.

“Currently, the passageway is on a offensive and defensive stalemate, the girl has 3rd degree burns and our water arts can’t…”

“Hmm, let me try…”(Zeshald)

Zeshald began to exercise his power of healing and the lady’s skin started to regenerate instantly. The fact that Zeshald had mastered the healing arts, and on top of that, the effect of the sacred treasure added on, allowed him to display a miracle type of healing not known to the world of water arts in history.

A burnt wound caused by fire arts which would normally take more than 10 days to recover, was instantly healed without leaving a scar.

“AMAZING……so this is the power of the sacred treasure!”

“Fortunately, had she not informed us about it, there would have been more injured allies.”(Zeshald)

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