Chapter 49: Omen (Lunaris)

Forgot to post the chapter yesterday, sorry.

In the previous world where Yuusuke had come from, there was a game that he had always played. He wasn’t enough of a heavy user to be called a “Game otaku”, but could not even be called a light user since the genre he played was unusual.

It was a standard galge, which could also be referred to as a love based novel, and it was kind of like a moe base game specified for the players. Therefore,  players of these games would often refer humans and things to their game-like representation.

“How do I put it….is this something like a flag rush from a limited time only character?”(Yuusuke)

The Darkness God Corps is staying in Nossentes for the next 3 days and Yuusuke had somehow caused an event called Razsha whenever he went out into the city.

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