World Customize Creator by Hero Tennki


Translation of the webnovel about a guy that set out on an another wold experience (though not by his own choice) given an ability to modify/redesign almost everything he touches. Having found himself in the world full of discrimination and strife, he sets out on a journey to find his place in this new world and, maybe, set it on the right track along the way.



Baka367: TL/PR

Lunate : TL/PR

Champion9124: ED




32 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for choosing this novel to translate. Looking forward to future chapters immensely

    also.. First in ‘about’ section wooo =)


  2. In your chapters 1-10 drop down tab the link to ch1 doesn’t work. (it appears to just refresh what ever page you already have open.)


      • i would like to ask you something since i saw one novel with the name and the story just like this in another website, but it’s different in how the author write the story, so i wonder if it’s a web novel version of this, or perhaps this is the web novel ver and the other is the light novel ver. Can you tell me you translated the web novel or the light novel to be exact


      • this is the web novel version.
        Also, this is a colab with lunaris (http://dreamsleeper87.blogspot.sg/) , so the first 10 chapters have different translations while chapters 11 up are crosslinked on both sites.
        Could you provide the link to the site you saw this novel translated on, as i am not aware on any other sites besides mine and lunaris’s.


  3. I checked the raws on ncode. Why are the raws missing a lot of the chapters? Did author delete? Where do I find complete raws? I want to read ahead.


  4. Hmm I am pretty sure there are raws until Ch 12 at least. Past that i have not checked myself. But if there will be missing raws, we will have to do somehow… πŸ™‚


    • True i have forgotten to add it. I will make a note to write one sometime. As for a quick one, it is an alternate world type novel.
      Our main guy gets teleported into a fantasy world, which is controlled by the ability (arts) users.
      In such a world our game otaku is given a power to freely alter the structure and properties of the things he touch. With this power, how will he affect the world, abundant with discrimination, ruled by the strenght of the arts, that is on the verge of war?

      I hope i did make any sense with this πŸ™‚

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  5. Many thanks for doing this. Just wanted to comment here to add yet another voice showing interest in your endeavours πŸ™‚


    • When 2 translator comes back, a chapter each 3 days. Atm, irregular. Btw, I was supposed to put next chapter along with the manga. Thanks for reminding me!


  6. So, I hate to be that mooching and demanding guy, but I’d figure someone gonna ask it sooner or later. Here goes, does anyone have the epub version of this if so, is it okay to post the DL link here? Also, is there a way to switch to the inverted color palette in the webpage (background black and letter white/light gray)? I have a condition that makes my eyes hurt when reading in these kind of settings too long. Third question (sorry if there are too many questions), what’s the difference between the WN-LN-Manga up till this point.

    Anyway, thanks alot for translating this series up to this point, I hope you’ll continue releasing it. Godspeed mate.


  7. Hey there.

    I don’t know if you’ve missed my email, Baka, but with exams finished, I’ve begun editing again. So far I’ve done chapter two, and will be moving on to chapter 3 either tomorrow or sunday.



    • I will bookmark this for now. I can’t give promises until wcc is finished, but I will need to find something once this novel is over.
      I will try reading it in the meantime, and see if its up my alley πŸ™‚


  8. Hi again sorry for bothering you.There are two translators for now that will translate the novel I requested if you still have interest in it contact them.
    Yukkuri Oniisan and Nefarian


    • That’s the most I can do. If a current tl will become busy or something, I can pitch in in around four months when wcc ends. Hence you can keep me in mind for this. Maybe I will opt in for a proofreader after 2 weeks, we’ll see πŸ™‚


  9. Hey, first of all I’d like to thank the hard work ^^

    Now, second topic: do you guys mind if I translate your translation to brazilian portuguese? I’m a brazilian translator – who can’t speak japanese… – and was thinking about doing WCC; I like to ask permission just in case xD

    Of course, I’ll give credits to the original translators every chapter and all, linking to the respective english chapter ^^


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