Chapter 58 : Disturbing Signs (Lunaris)

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In a small post town southeast of Fonclanc. On the west is the moon mirror lake, while being surrounded by woods. Close to the border of Trent Rietta, along the lake, a little south of the highway one could enter the territory of Trent Rietta.
If one were to follow the road which heads towards the Northeast, they would reach a relay town in Trent Rietta which continues on to the capital “Rinvar”. Although the relay town was small, there were a relatively large number of trading associations composed of merchant guild branches.
Recently within the trade association, there have been a number of damage reports caused by magical beasts in the vicinity of the town. Nevertheless, since the destruction of Nossentes the trade route was destroyed, thus they were waiting for Gazzetta’s negotiations before reconstructing it.
As the trade association had suffered a blow from lost revenue, beside requesting for a deployment of soldiers from the capital, Sanc Adiet, they also had the adventurers advancing in their own investigation, in order to meet with the merchants demand for rapid response.


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