Chapter 12: Volance Palace (Lunaris)

Unlike Zeshald or the god corps, he did not possess the water arts necessary to restore the fatigue of the horses, thus, resulting in several breaks along the way. By the time he arrived to the city, it was already dusk.

“I didn’t expect it to take so long when traveling normally…..”(Yuusuke)

Yet again, Yuusuke began to feel the difference in power that comes with the absence of a particular divine arts. He headed towards the nearby lookout stable, ran by the [artless], to park his carriage, and walked towards the soldier’s guardroom at the gate square where the observation tower stood. From there, it was possible to contact the people of the palace.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 12: Volance Palace (Lunaris)

    • Dont worry about it. As long as we want to read it as much as you do, there will be no danger of dropping the work.
      If the story goes to hell at some point, anything can happen, but i dont think that there would be many readers left at such point anyways~


  1. I’m going to stop reading this rubbish. It’s a freaking british based movie script with all the names at the end of each dialogue sentence. If someone translate it properly with all the right commas and full stops and line breaking and whatever stuff, you don’t even need those names.


  2. Why is the dialogue suddenly awful? No, “said Zeshald” or whatever, just a (name) to represent what should be an entire description… as Darrel Cheng said, it looks just like a movie script.

    Also; “Oic!”(Yuusuke)
    Is this seriously supposed to mean, “Oh I see!” said Yuusuke.
    How bafflingly lazy does one have to be to actually write that in a translation?


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