Chapter 69 : The root tree forest (Lunaris)

After one night had passed in the city of Driadria, the noisy commotion yesterday had died down, the surrounding troops and adventurer groups have been on high alert.


On the southeastern side, a commercial fleet from the trade association that they had announced had gathered on the road, preparing to head towards Gazzetta’s city.

The current state of affairs was done by Trent Rietta’s government, in order to prevent the spreading of the modded beast which escaped from the facility, the army was brought in to seal the area. At the same time, they issued a formal emergency notice to every country.

The Darkness God Corps had already sent information regarding the current situation near Driadria to Fonclanc, thus when the government of Trent Rietta announced their emergency notice, early in the morning in Volance palace a meeting regarding ways to support them was being held.

“But well….it’s laughable that it has continued up to this place.”


Violet who goes wherever she wants was once again full of admiration towards Yuusuke’s divine attribute as she saw the storage room which the Rin lamp was stored and how it had lit up the room.

At the same time, the villagers of Rufk village, the soldiers who were stationed there and also Zeshald was being alerted about the magical beasts. A mere coincidence, or the real nature of the Evil God, to call upon disaster.

“We need to consider how we are going to receive the people that are taking refuge from another village.”

“Ung…..there is still some plots of land, it should be good enough for housing them.”

“If Yuusuke was around we would have saved all that trouble” Bahana said as she knew about Yuusuke ultra-fast architecture customization capabilities, while Zeshald replied with a “yes” and a sigh.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 69 : The root tree forest (Lunaris)

    • My personal favorite would have to be spice and wolf (you can buy them off yenpress or google for complete fan tl).
      Fantasy recs would be sword princess Altina or madam to onto vanadis (novel is leagues better than anime IMO)
      Other world trope (wcc type):arifureta (incomplete to, lasts chapters only have summaries), don’t fear the reaper (also has mmo trope, but can still pass for other world)
      Opmc type rec would definitely be forgotten conqueror (would be my second fav).
      Hope you’ll find something to read from these.
      Also check out it has a lot of quality English fanfic.


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