World Customize Creator Prologue

“Truly, the balance is terrible… This game sucks.”

Spatting these words while continuing to mash the buttons on a portable game console he was walking inside the grounds of an old temple, located near his house.

This did not mean that his purpose of coming here was to visit the temple. It has become a habit of his to come here when seeking a quiet and deserted place to play games comfortably. When his mother started shouting, “You are doing nothing but playing games again!”, at him, he started looking for a peaceful place to play outside. This temple was the result of his search.

“Damn! I obtained it after all this time, yet I cannot upgrade it… Since it has come to this I will use cheats.”

Continuing to move the item, depicted in the 3D game, shown on the screen, with the cursor, he was thinking of how to use the [customization code]. It was a system, used to modify the stats of the item, obtained in an RPG game, however you liked.

While the main theme of the game was orthodox hack and slash (冒険活劇), which is pretty common nowadays, the Item – Customize – Create system played a big part in what got him into playing it.

Still, obviously broken balance and the lack of freedom made a lot of players trashtalk about this game. He turned his attention towards his bag to take out a disk for the [Customization code] for his portable gaming console, and then…

— Come, Evil God —

A voice echoed in his head. At the same time he felt that he was pulled out of his body.

“Wh- What is this?!”

Suddenly, he felt like his entire body was falling off the stairs.  He was dumbfounded as he looked at his feet while unconsciously protecting his head. What he saw below him was his own body. He was looking at his own back from a place slightly above his head.

“Wow, this is an out of body experience!… No, something is strange?”

His own body, that he was looking at from above, suddenly looked around restlessly, as if something startled him. Before long, the “him” below put the gaming console in his bag, turned towards the road, and hurriedly left.

“What?… What… the… fuck… just happened…….?”

His vision started to sway like he was underwater and it slowly became dark. Within his hazy consciousness he appeared to float in a huge space, resembling a starry sky. Above, a vast universe, resembling a disk, spread over him

“The elephant and turtle… are not there…”


This universe existed in the boundary between worlds. The radiance of the shining stars covered the heavens. One could see many different worlds from this boundary, but only the amount of stars bound the worlds together. The worlds floated alone (separately) in this gigantic, disc shaped structure.

The inhabitants of that world called it “Kaltcio” 『カルツィオ』. They built countries, prospered, declined, and perished. They gave birth to children, brought them up, and continued to live their lives in this eternally repeating history.  Thousands of years are still necessary for them to break free of this world and to understand the secrets that it keeps hidden.

There was a [Will], which continued watching over the history of Kaltcio since the dawn of this world. It could be said it was an existence equal to the Gods of this world. At certain intervals it summoned a messenger from another world in order to maintain and preserve the cycle of life in Kaltcio.

A visitor from another world caused all kinds of ripples in Kaltcio that disrupted the stagnation of the world and opened new paths. Through his effort, he contributed to the cycle of this world.

Once a giant [Dragon] was summoned. Once a figure, hideous for the human eyes, a [Monster], was summoned.  They had strength on par with the gods of this world and had greatly contributed to the cycle of the world.

This time again, a visitor from another world, with a power of that of the gods, has been summoned.

— Come, Evil God —

There seemed to be an infinite amount of different worlds.  From these numerous worlds, a figure of a young humanoid was summoned.

— You seem to desire power —

The power he desired was an unheard, eccentric thing to those, who were summoned before him. Almost all beings that were summoned before had mighty power to destroy the opponents before them, so they desired eternal life. Even if a person desired power, to defeat his opponents, he would eventually be defeated by old age. Still, those, who desired eternal life, would eventually be broken by repeated loss of those, dear to them, and, eventually, would choose their own demise.

— You will be given the power you desire —

And so, the [Soul of the young one], torn from another world, was given a body of flesh in Kaltcio to fulfill his call.


17 thoughts on “World Customize Creator Prologue

  1. fixes:
    Suddenly with entire body he felt like he was falling of the stairs. ->
    Suddenly, he felt like his entire body was falling off the stairs.

    His own body was down there. (This line is grammatically correct, but somehow sounds strange in the paragraph. Rewriting suggested.)

    “The elephant and turtle… are not there…”
    (note: This is a reference to “Discworld”.)

    Visitor from another world caused all kinds of ripples in Kaltcio that disrupted the ->
    A visitor from another world caused all kinds of ripples in Kaltcio that disrupted the

    Bravo, this was very well done.


  2. any of you have a pdf flie with all the chapters? i dont like reading from websites
    since i like taking my tablet with me everywhere i rather read on it


  3. So I’ve just started to read this because I like the manga and I found your translations of the novel so I’am Reading this now because the novels are usally always better so I’m going to say thank you for the chapters in advance because I’m just going to marathon all the way to the recent chapter of 36 so thanks


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