Chapter 46: Crossing Trent Rietta (Lunaris)

“Good Morning, Captain. You’re up early.”(Aisha)


It was just before dawn when Aisha awoke to the darkness, Yuusuke was standing on the road in front of the inn while gazing at the lake. Near the pier, one could see the lights waving from the boats that went out to the lake to fish in the early morning.

“I was thinking about this yesterday, there seem to be only small boats around.”(Yuusuke)

“Yes, because the moon mirror lake is known as a sacred lake, they didn’t want to have too many huge ships moving around on the lake.”(Aisha)

“If it’s like that, I feel that it’s just superstition.”(Yuusuke)

According to the legends, if one were to put a big ship in the moon mirror lake, it is said that the boat will be dragged to the bottom by the master of the lake. Thus following the traditions, they had been rowing their boats even til today.

In the legends, “located at the bottom of the lake was an ancient sunken city. Within it lies an enormous sleeping treasure trove, and the master of the lake is said to be protecting the place, preventing any large ship from trying to approach the treasure.”

“Hmm, are there any people who have went diving to investigate it?

“I think there was? But the sunken city is yet to be found, as you don’t normally hear stories about what is going on at the bottom of the lake.”

For better or worse, the old convention is still protecting this port city until today, as Aisha commented on the state of the city. If there were big ships, we would be able to cross the lake with the carriage, but that is only for one’s own convenience, so it can’t be judged whether it’s good or bad.

“Well, if one were to consider the opportunity of trading with the 4 countries, it’ll be better if one could use a bigger ship.”

The sun slowly rose along the horizon, as Yuusuke spends his time chatting with Aisha.

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