Chapter 17: The Daily Life and Rest Day of a Soldier (Lunaris)

In the upper floors of the Volance Palace, inside the royal knights dormitory, Yuusuke was toying with some small items in his room. By taking advantage of the special effects enhanced by the customization ability, he applied a recovery effect and a tranquility effect to his pajamas, and as a result it allowed him to awake earlier in the morning and shorten his sleeping time.

And so for the past few days, Yuusuke have been performing a daily routine of manufacturing customized accessories during the wee hours of the morning.

“Hmm, like I suspected the clearer the gems the better the enhancements”(Yuusuke)

Using his pay, he purchased precious gems to create rings and bracelets with special effects through his customization ability, this is to prepare himself with items to suit the various situations that he would encounter. The numerical value compensation of the special effects were several times more than the cheap rings which he bought in the stall near the vicinity of the observation tower 8 days ago.

In order to hide the fact from the upper echelons, Violet and his underlings were to say that “it takes time to make even one” of these special effect equipment.

Thanks to his enhancement ability, Yuusuke generally have a daily peaceful and quiet life in the palace.

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