Chapter 22: Harvest festival

“Good evening, Yuusuke.”(Reifold)
“Oh, you came?”(Yuusuke)

As per their agreement the day before, Yuusuke entrusted Reifold with a [sacred treasure of Shalnar]. It was a silver circlet adorned with a lace-like ornament. The item bestowed enchantments befitting its name:
· Water arts amplification effect (buff);
· Physical strength amplification effect (buff);
· Stamina recovery amplification effect (buff);
· Healing effect (buff);
· Poison resistance effect (buff);
· Tranquility (沈静) effect (buff);
· Divine arts resistance amplification effect (buff);
· Physical resistance amplification effect (buff);
· Movement speed amplification effect (buff).

This item allowed it’s wearer to be able to fight for nearly twenty four hours per day with the exception of eating and pooping. Although Zeshald had stamina of an old person, with this tiara a few hours nap would be sufficient for him to regain his strength (as in mana). As for the physical strength, with the enchantments he would be fine with using weapons to his utmost abilities.

“I see, you gain these effects as long as you are wearing it.”(Reifold)
“It felt as if the effects weren’t that strong when I enchanted the rings or bracelets.”(Yuusuke)

As the supportive effects were standard for circlet type items in the games, Yuusuke attempted to recreate these items in this world with great success. Yuusuke explained the theory to Reifold leaving the unexplainable parts out.

“This means… that I, myself am not entirely sure whether the effect will apply or not.”(Yuusuke)

Yuusuke warned Reifold to keep the other trinket near him at all times as he passed him the ring.

“This is also made from the same metal as the circlet, yet you are not sure if it will work?”(Reifold)
“Well it is a bit too exceptional. It is impossible to try it out.”(Yuusuke)

Yuusuke avoided explaining the nature of the charm-like item in detail. The item that Yuusuke was not sure of was actually one of the top items in games. Yuusuke silently named it [sacrificial charm].

“Then I will certainly take it. Also, I have properly delivered the package and the letter.”(Reifold)

As Reifold said that he placed the [sacred treasure] into his bag and left, rushing as fast as he could towards Blue Garden’s first capital, Cofta. Having finished the task Yuusuke sighed as he headed back towards his bed. It was currently the sixteenth day of Shalnar’s month of wind. Soon the earth calendar would begin.

“Phew, holidays will start soon here, eh? That item should reach teacher at around the time the harvest festival begins.”(Yuusuke)

Although the period varied by country, in Fonclanc, the harvest festival was held between the first and third day of Zalnar’s month of fire. As Yuusuke was on holiday from the fifteenth of this month until the fifth of the upcoming month, he had borrowed a god corps carriage and was preparing the equipment needed to harness the horse while thinking of what souvenirs he should buy for the villagers.
Since he kept Zeshald’s carefree attitude towards the villagers in mind, he didn’t think too much of what he should buy for them, but there was no way he could be so carefree when it came to Sun. Yuusuke was deeply concerned with this subject as he thought of what clothes should he buy for the girl.


 –Paula’s central command, council room–

Plausha was lost on what to do as she was overlooking the private room that she was allotted in the barrack’s section.

[“Is this really alright?”](Plausha)

She was thinking about the secret agreement that she had agreed on the other day with Volmes, leader of the fire troupe and confidant of the supreme commander Izapnar. Her orders were to stay close to head instructor Zeshald and report upon his movements. In exchange she would be allowed to join the water troupe as well as provided information about the person who killed her sister.
“– You? You are Plausha kun, right?”(??)
“– Eh? Y-Yes. I’m Plausha.”(Plausha)

She was studying at home as the head instructor had traveled to Cofta, when she was suddenly called to central command. Stupefied, Plausha rushed over to the institution where fire troupe leader Volmes had given her this secret mission and provided her with a letter of recommendation for the water troupe.

“To spy on the head instructor… why would you want to do that?”(Plausha)
“Zeshald shi, he might be deceiving us.”(Volmes) (TN: 氏 or shi is a honorific that is between san and sama in terms of politeness source:
“You mean, he’s a Fonclanc spy…?”(Plausha)
“Mhm, to be frank, that’s what I mean.”(Volmes)

Troupe leader Volmes mentioned the head instructor’s actions that had raised doubts about him. One of them was the audience with her majesty, queen Rishause, whom Zeshald sought on his own, without informing the central headquarters of Paula.

“Her majesty, did you know that she gives special treatment to the [artless]?”(Volmes)
“Y-yes… I have been in Cofta before.”(Plausha)

Equal treatment of the [artless], which was an unimaginable sight here in Paula, was actually a common sight in Cofta. It was a political decision that the queen made on her own discretion as she was the sole ruler on the first capital.

“Her majesty was of an ill mind since long ago.”(Volmes)

Plausha let out a surprised shout as she heard her majesty being treated with such disrespect at the central command. Volmes explained in detail with a pained and sad expression on his face about Cofta’s present condition and the queen’s mental deprive.

— Since her father’s, the late king’s, death, her highness has been slowly losing her mind from the sadness. She declared that the equal treatment of the [artless] was [her father’s dream], although the late king had did that just for his own entertainment. She had left all the tasks related to the management of the country to her guardian, sir Izapnar, and had confided herself within the temple.

“Have you heard that Zeshald shi has been living in the village of the [artless]?”)(Volmes)
“Yes… I have seen him heal an injury on an artless that was owned by someone else. I have asked him about it at that time.”(Plausha)

“Hmm, these actions might have been done in order to test his plan.”(Volmes) TN: (wrote plan, but the kanji reads 訓練 (training, practice))
“… his plan?”(Plausha)

Zeshald could have interacted with the [artless] as his equals so that he could get her majesties attention by showing his concerns towards them. Volmes explained that he could have been living in an [artless] village for this very reason.

“I fear, that there is no doubt that it was all part of his plan to gain a position from her majesty and throw the country into confusion by using his new gained authority.”(Volmes)
“Ple-please wait! Such serious implications, to me…”(Plausha)
“…regarding your sister. The incident in the fortress was really regrettable.”(Volmes)

Izapnar, suddenly changed the topic from telling her about the confusion that could be created behind the scenes to the matter of her sister, who was recently killed in action. Having made sure to have startled her and seeing her slender, shaking shoulders, Volmes finally used his “bait”.

“The one responsible for it was an elite knight of Fonclanc, hailed as a hero of the Gearhawk, but… he also appears to have a close relationship with Zeshald san.”(Volmes)
“With head instructor…?”(Plausha)
“Your sister was a communication type wind arts user, right? I have heard that she was a valuable member of the wind troupe.”(Volmes)

Plausha’s was clearly shaken. By doing that, Volmes had given her a reason to spy on Zeshald. Every body of the wind troupe returned by Fonclanc was damaged in some way. By telling her only the part of the truth, Volmes had left the rest of the story for Plausha’s imagination and bore even deeper into her heart.

— In the despicable caste system that Fonclanc used, the wind art users were unreasonably treated to be of lower status compared to other divine arts users and were often looked down upon.

“How a female wind arts user with no offensive capabilities would be treated there… I think you can easily imagine that.”(Volmes)
“My subordinates are already trailing him, however they can only do it from afar. That’s why I have a lot of expectations from you who are his student.”(Volmes)
“I-I can’t do such…”(Plausha)

Volmes quickly returned to the main topic while Plausha was still thinking about her sister. She was still confused and overcome by various emotions, thus the girl was pushed further into the corner. By doing that he directed her thoughts the way he wanted. [The head instructor of the divine arts had a connection with the hero of Gearhawk. Her sister’s enemy.]


— As a member of the water troupe you will be on an equal standing with them. They will probably also attempt to use you.
— It will be sufficient if you would only participate in their meetings and report about them as you get back to your barracks.

Having said that, Volmes presented her with the letter of recommendation for the water troupe and the entrance permit to the central command. Thus now Plausha was inspecting a room in the barracks section of the central command, which was given to every member of the elite troupes.

“This revenge for my sister. I… what should I do?”(Plausha)

Muttering if this is really alright, Plausha closed the door of her private room.


Shalnar’s month of wind, nineteenth day ~

As the holidays had come, Yuusuke visited the palace god corps waiting room early in the morning. Elite knights from the renowned lineages had gathered in this overly extravagant waiting room thus the atmosphere in the room was more akin to a gentleman lounge.

[“The interior is terrible, but otherwise it is no different from the room downstairs.”](Yuusuke)

Yuusuke, was holding souvenirs for his friends in the Rufk village that he had bought the day before, which looked slightly inappropriate in this setting, but as he was a captain on the famous darkness god corps not one person in the room complained about this.

“Ah, here you are. Heeeey, Hivodir~”(Yuusuke)
“You again… It’s rare enough for you to show your face here, moreover with such an unusual appearance.”(Hivodir)

Looking at Yuusuke who looked like a grandma with oversized grocery bags, Hivodir shook his head while breathing a sigh. As Hivodir was showing his bewilderment, Yuusuke placed a ring between his thumb and index fingers and flinged it towards the fiancé candidate. Thinking what it might be, Hivodir tried to catch it… but got hit by it in the face.

“Bitch! Why did you do it so suddenly? … Wait… can this be?”(Hivodir)
“It’s the fire arts ring that I finished yesterday. Truthfully, I wanted to give them to the commanding officers of every corps before anyone else, but you were begging for it so much that I decided to give it to you first.”(Yuusuke)

Hearing this, commanding officers of each of the corps looked at him with sharp glances. The nearby fire corps commanding officer gave him an exceptionally sharp look.

“Ahahaha~ It seems that I have earnt it. It feels as a result of our deepening friendship!”(Hivodir)

Hivodir brushed off the pressure from these glances as if it did not concern him at all. He proudly put the ring on and left the waiting room to test the effect of the buff in the training grounds. However, inside he was sweating buckets of cold sweat which he somehow managed to cover up with his noble-like attitude.


Having descended to the carriage station, Yuusuke met his subordinates at the gate to the city. The entirety of the darkness god corps were on holiday, so they were also on a special leave. It seems that Isotta was also returning home to her family in the [artless] district.

“Good morning, Captain. Are you returning to the village today as well?”(Isotta)
“Should I help you with the loading of your baggage?”(Vermeer)
“Ah, thanks Vermeer. Aisha, are you returning home as well?”(Yuusuke)

Aisha and Shaheed seemed to have plans to spend their vacation at their parent’s homes in the middle class district. Vermeer had nothing planned for his holiday so he planned to slack off in the palace after seeing his squad mates off. Fonke had plans to go on a bar tour and to hang out at the singertown (Machiuta), the so called red lights district. (TN: Prostitutes are called nightsingers in Kaltcio thus the name singertown).

“That’s right, did her highness agree to let you leave?”(Vermeer)
“Violet? Hmh, she was unexpectedly OK with it. I might have even slightly changed my opinion about her…”(Yuusuke)

When Yuusuke told Violet that he had planned to return to Rufk village during his holiday it seemed that the princess had plans to drag him along and go incognito to the harvest festival. However, hearing that he wanted to spend some time with Sun in the village, Violet seemed to understand Yuusuke and replied with a “In that case it can’t be helped.” Violet seemed to have been worried about Sun who was probably as dispirited as her regarding Zeshald’s defection, and Yuusuke apologized to the girl in his mind after seeing this kind side of her’s.
Having settled everything he had to do, Yuusuke set off towards Rufk village that he had left twenty nine days ago.


The horse was tirelessly pulling the knight corps carriage as his harness was customized with fatigue restoration effect. When he arrived at the Rufk village, it was slightly past noon. The traveling speed was similar to the time when he traveled to the city with Zeshald.

Yuusuke felt slightly nostalgic as he passed through the log bridge over the protective trench, which was surrounding the village. Yuusuke arrived around the time that villagers took a break from their daily tasks and a familiar face smiled as he saw Yuusuke approaching. As a complementary for Yuusuke’s service at the palace, Rufk village’s treatment improved as well. Villagers received cattle as well as seeds and fertilizers so the fields around of village visibly increased.

Having stopped the wagon near Zeshald’s house, Yuusuke saw Sun’s figure through the opened door. Yuusuke mentioned his return on this day in the letter that he asked Reifold to deliver to the village, so Sun was not surprised to see him. Instead, she greeted him with the humble smile that did not change since Yuusuke left the village, and the black haired youth smiled in turn.
Sun was halfway on her way to the cart, when a man, seemingly a villager that Yuusuke did not know that well, appeared in the doorway.

“Welcome back, Yuusuke san.”(Sun)
“I’m home, Sun.”(Yuusuke)

As Yuusuke got off of the wagon he exchanged the greetings with Sun and asked her, “Who is he?,” about the man that stood behind the girl. According to Sun’s story, he was a childhood friend that was estranged with her up until recently when Yuusuke left.

He seemed to have started visiting Sun often as he became worried that she was feeling lonely after Zeshald left the village, followed by Yuusuke.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Thalys.”(Thalys)
“I’m Yuusuke, nice to meet you too.”(Yuusuke)

They exchanged simple greetings. The man had rather short hair and his height was similar to Yuusuke’s. He seemed to be quite cheerful and gave of a feeling quite similar to that of Fonke. All in all, he seemed to be an ordinary young man.

Afterwards, it became completely dark until they finished bringing all of the Yuusuke’s luggage into the house. Having helped bringing the luggage inside, Thalys bid Sun farewell with a “See you tomorrow,” and left.

“Yuusuke! You’re back?”(Bahana)
“Aunt Bahana, I’m back~!”(Yuusuke)

Bahana spotted Yuusuke, who was leading the horse into the stables just as she was returning from the hunt, and called out to him. *Bam Bam,* she struck his back repeatedly as she said, “It’s good to see you back,” with a cheerful voice. She was as strong as usual even if her build looked to be slender. That made Yuusuke think that the rumor he heard at the palace a few days ago, that “[artless] are born fighters” might actually be true.

“Hmm~? What’s that? After all that ruckus about you becoming a hero you did seem not grow any muscles at all?”(Bahana)
“Uhmmm, well that’s because I haven’t done any physical labor.”(Yuusuke)

“Shouldn’t you train your body as well?,” continuing to avoid Bahana’s passes to grab him by his sides to stroke his flank, Yuusuke took out a bowstring that he bought as a souvenir and gave it to the woman.


“I see you are as strong as always, aunt Bahana.”(Yuusuke)
“Hehehe. When I heard that you are returning, I have been eager to make you a welcome home meal. I hope you are excited about it?”(Bahana)

After returning home to catch his breath, Yusuke was relaxing at the sofa. As Sun brought him some tea, he asked the girl about the event that will start in a few days’ time. Sun told him that the harvest festival was an event where everyone in the village prepared food, gathered together outside of their houses, and ate it.

“It looks like the festival will be lively this year.”(Sun)
“I will enjoy it then.”(Yuusuke)

As Sun was sorting through the souvenirs, Yuusuke brought from the city, she noticed a new, high quality dinnerware as well as some cloth. It was a dress most suitable for outdoor use that was of a slightly more mature style than the simple one-piece she had worn in the palace. It looked like she would also be able to wear it while working in the fields

“Hey… this dress.”(Sun)
“Ah, this one. I didn’t know your tastes so I tried choosing one that I thought would look good on you.”(Yuusuke)
“Thank you very much… I truly appreciate it.”(Sun)
“I-Is that so. I’m glad.”(Yuusuke)

Slightly blushing, Sun smiled and seemed to be grateful from the depths of her heart. Yuusuke nodded, with his face still worried whether the girl liked the present that he bought her.


The next day…

As the preparations for the tomorrow’s harvest festival were underway in cities, towns, and villages of every country, people of Rufk village also started their preparations for the event. They created the festival grounds in the central plaza of the village by building a bonfire from the oilwood, putting the highly flammable wood in a structure that resembled a well. Afterwards they proceeded to line up the tables to create a single long table for the food.

Yuusuke also planned to help, but he was told off with a “You finally got your holiday so go and rest,” thus he proceeded to walk around the village looking at the increasing fields and cattle. The real reason, however, was that even if he wanted to help, Yuusuke was completely ignorant of the preparation process, so there was little that he could help with in the first place.

Middle aged married women were busy with the food preparations while younger women and girls were decorating the plaza. As Yuusuke was wandering through the plaza, he spotted Thalys helping Sun with her work. While Yuusuke was lazing around, thinking that they look good together, he was called out by aunt Bahana.

“Looks like you really have nothing to do, Yuusuke.”(Bahana)
“Well, yeah~”(Yuusuke)

Seeing Yuusuke shrug his shoulders, saying that he was not allowed to help, Bahana restlessly looked around and dragged Yuusuke off to a shadow of a building. “What?! What?!,” screamed Yuusuke as he was pushed in his back and led behind the barn. As he murmured something as stupid as “Am I being seduced by a widow,” to Bahana, who pressed herself to his back, and properly earnt a flick onto his forehead.

“Stop speaking like an idiot, it’s about that girl. We have to talk about Sun.”(Bahana)
“After you and Zeshald left the village, Thalys was aiming for her the entire time.”(Bahana)
“Those two, aren’t they childhood friends?”(Yuusuke)

According to Bahana, even if Thalys was Sun’s childhood friend, until now he barely ever paid her any attention. After Zeshald left and Yuusuke got called into governmental service, Sun practically started living by herself. This was the opportunity that he was waiting for.

“If you don’t protect her tightly, she will get taken away.”(Bahana)
“No, it’s not about taking her or not… Getting in between the two people’s romance is a bit…”(Yuusuke)

If Sun looked to be troubled by Thalys, Yuusuke would not hesitate and protect her at the first sign of danger, but so far, even if the two were a bit awkward, there were no signs of trouble between them. Moreover, looking at himself, wasn’t he the problem in the first place, wondered Yuusuke, as he was perplexed by Bahana’s insistence.

Amazed by what he said, Bahana shook her head and insisted that Thalys felt no love towards Sun and only went after her as she was one of the most beautiful girls in the village. Banaha whispered this into Yuusuke’s ear after he asked about why did she knew so much about him.

“Thalys is a douche. He’s the most wayward amongst his friends. He is only seducing her to be able to brag about the number of girls he had taken.”(Bahana)

Apparently, he had also attempted to seduce Bahana. At first, it seemed to be a mischievous and childish prank, but as he saw that seducing her was impossible, he surprisingly attempted to use force. Apparently, Bahana had also responded with force in turn.

[“Isn’t it alright. Aren’t you feeling lonely every night?”](Yuusuke)
[“Nice one. But you sure have the nerve to be saying that.”](Bahana)


“Well, I could’ve broken your teeth, so I tried to hold back.”

Having drawn first blood, Bahana pulled Yuusuke back up. Feignedly clearing her throat Bahana said:
“Anyhow, it would be best for you… no keep your eyes on that guy at all times.”

As searching for a lover was a side event of the harvest festival, every youth in the village was exhilarated with the prospects of finding his/her pair. Taking advantage of the mood of the festival, even the pushy methods could be used to procure a pair.

“What you said now has made me somewhat worried. I will do something about it just in case.” (Yuusuke)
“I wanted to hear something more akin to [I will always stay by her side]…”(Bahana)


On the afternoon, around the time that lunch would be over, the preparation stage was finally done and the village was temporarily enveloped in silence. As the festival would start after sundown, villagers went to rest and get some sleep to prepare for the night. After separating with Bahana, Yuusuke went back home and started customizing accessories. As Sun returned home he walked out of his room.

“Ah? Yuusuke san, you were at home?”(Sun)

Asked Sun as she tilted her head in doubt. She saw Yuusuke at the village plaza so she was sure that he was taking a stroll around the village. While this calmed Yuusuke down a little, he presented Sun with the accessory that he had made earlier.
It was a transparent, slightly whitish ring that he created by customizing a shouka.

“Eh, EH? Uhm… this is…?”(Sun)
“Aunt Bahana insisted that Thalys is dangerous so I created a charm to keep you safe in case something happened.”(Yuusuke)

Having heard this, Sun obediently took the ring although she showed a troubled smile in the meantime. She stared at the ring in her hand as well as into Yuusuke’s face. Yuusuke, his back and eyes starting to feel itchy, tilted his head asking, “Something’s wrong?”

“No…. Thank you very much for worrying about me.”(Sun)

Smiled (said while smiling) Sun as she put the white ring onto her finger.



Festival began when the sun had set and reached its climax when the midsummer moon had risen above the horizon. The light of the burning pyre illuminated the surrounding tables that were filled with fruit wine and various food and everyone enjoyed the festival until the next morning.

Onlookers cheered for the dancers who danced along the cheerful melody of flute and drums. There were some people who were also focused only on drinking or eating. A group of several youths separated themselves from the rest. They were lying on each other laps, whispering something sweet to each other.
The festival had this peculiar feeling of disorderly solidarity that reminded a warm wind brushing onto one’s skin.

“Yuusuke san, I have heard of your achievements after you became a knight!”(Village girl A)
“Ehh, all of that was just a fluke…”(Yuusuke)
“Please, tell us a story, Yuusuke san.”(Village girl B)
“That is… I don’t have any pleasant stories to tell…”(Yuusuke)

Yuusuke, enjoying the food, got surrounded by village girls whom all began to wage a battle of seduction against him. Usually simple and quiet village girls, drunk on the alcohol and the mood of the harvest festival, became just about bold enough to attempt to seduce themselves a guy.
By the way, they became even more daring during the dance festival, which happened during the month of wind, but this tale would be left for another time.

“Bahana, we’re running out of meat.”(Villager A)
“Hmm, as expected, the meat is good this year. Everyone just can’t get enough of it.”(Bahana)

Asked to get more meat, Bahana winked to Sun and left her seat with “I’ll be gone for a bit.” Having waited for the moment when Bahana’s back disappeared in the sea of the villagers, Thalys appeared at Sun’s side. In the meantime, Yuusuke was still being assaulted by village girls with more of the reinforcements on their way.

“Ple—ase… Someone… He—lp me.”(Yuusuke)
“Haha, he’s insanely popular.”(Thalys)
“Uhm, it seems so.”(Sun)

Thalys looked at Sun’s profile as she smiled at Yuusuke’s struggles. As Sun put the cup of fruit wine at the table and started standing up from her place, Thalys asked her for something:

“Sun, I am on my way to the well to get chilled fruit. Could you help me?”(Thalys)
“Mhm, sure.”(Sun)

As she was being led away by Thalys, she turned back at the plaza once again and, seeing Yuusuke unable to deal with the huge mob that he had lured, she smiled to her companion.

The well was in a place that was slightly separated from the street where the buildings were lined up. As this was a night of the festival, there was sufficient light from the bonfire for them to be able to see their path. Moonlight also began to shine stronger as the night grew late.

Still, if one strayed off the road even a little bit, it became so dark that one could not see his/her way anymore. Several small farming tool sheds lined along the road to the well. Sun was dragged into one of the sheds which was dimly illuminated by the swaying light from a burning oilwood branch, as she was forced down on a bundle of straw.

“Tha-Thalys calm down! What the heck has gotten into you?!”(Sun)
“You understand, don’t you? Don’t try feigning ignorance that you did not know of why you were coming here for?”(Thalys)
“Yo-you are wrong. I never ever thought of or wanted this!”(Sun)

Thalys got on top of Sun who was struggling on the straw bundle and wrapped his arms around the girl’s back. He was closing his lips to the girl’s hair as if intending to kiss her near her ear. Sun twisted her neck and pushed Thalys in his chest, trying to escape him.


It seemed that Thalys, being hit by Sun directly into his solar plexus, suddenly released all the air from his lungs. That made the guy retreat his body back. Having been met with unexpectedly strong opposition, Thalys caught the girl’s arms and pushed them down to pin the girl down.
Thalys was thinking that he would paralyze the girl’s thoughts by stealing her lips away (kissing her). He had closed his face to the girl, but Sun had managed to push back the arms that he was supposedly pinning her down with.

“Wh-what? How can you…”(Thalys)

Somehow, Sun was rivaling Thalys in physical strength. Their struggle looked to be about even, but Sun seemed to be the stronger one as she was slowly starting to push Thalys back. Thalys raised his body to put all the strength into his upper body to counter Sun’s, seemingly inhuman, strength that was coming out of her slender arms. That instant…


Becoming careless, Thalys left his crotch unprotected and, having received a fatal blow to his precious jewels, passed out with foam coming out of his mouth. The ring that Yuusuke gave to Sun was [the Ring of Strength], an item that dramatically increased its wearer’s strength. Having fixed her slightly disarranged clothes, Sun ran out of the shed and explained the circumstances to the guys in the main plaza who were responsible with keeping order during the festival.

“Again, THAT IDIOT!!!…”(Angry old man A)
“Don’t worry Sun chan~. We will show that guy!”(Angry old man B)

Telling Sun that she should breathe in some evening air, the old men had rolled up their sleeves and ran towards the tool shed. Seeing them off, Sun sat on the bench at the village plaza while taking deep breaths. Afterwards, she gently stroked the ring that Yuusuke gave her as a charm.

“… Yuusuke, you dummy…”(Sun)

Whispered Sun silently to the ring, as if kissing it.


First day of Zalnar’s month of fire. The festivities for the harvest festival had begun as the moon reached its equinox. Queen Rishause made an important announcement to all the citizens of the Blue Garden.

Head divine arts instructor Zeshald has been appointed her personal entourage. He will henceforth show his loyalty to the queen through his actions at Paula —

This announcement at the beginning of the harvest festival split the reaction of the citizens into two big groups.


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