Chapter 29: The repatriation of the Darkness God Corps

The world will change when she woke up in the morning.

That was what she thought at that time. She woke up and started going about her normal routine, as she changed into her water troupe uniform. Normally, she would leave her room and head towards the water mirror hq, but for some reason she was walking down the aisle of the water mirror militia. By the time Plausha awoke, the council halls have been suppressed by the water mirror forces.

Originally, Plausha was suspected to be working for Izapnar’s faction among the water mirror, but during this civil war commotion, she was sleeping in her room without participating in it, thus the suspicion was lifted off her. Thus, she wasn’t being detained and was able to walk around freely in and out of her room.

Izapnar had heard from Volmes that there was a confidant girl, but there weren’t many details about her activities and the position about Plausha wasn’t told to him either. As the one managing the personnel selection and their intelligence network was Volmes, there were some fire arts personnel who knew about Plausha’s duty, but for some reason, they all disappeared. Izapnar’s screams could be heard, “That Volmes must have ran away!!!!”.

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