Chapter 57 : The Tie up and many problems (Lunaris)

“Eru~, if you are going back to teacher’s place take this along.”


Stretching out with both of her hands Eru (Elfiona) received a basket filled with vegetables, sfx: tote tote, as the green haired little girl walks along. Bahana smiles as it looks as if the child version of Sun had came back as she sees off the small little back.


Just earlier this week, Yuusuke brought a potion along with Rasanasha and the child assassin Eru (Elfiona). As a form of protection against the dismantled special ops, Yuusuke brought her into Zeshald’s custody.


Eru (Elfiona) spends her time at Zeshald’s house with almost no emotions, very much like an adult. After washing and shelving away the vegetables she brought back, she brewed tea with the method taught to her by Beluysha.


Time to time, there were whisperings about the 2 of them looking like parent and child and sometimes sisters. Part of it was maybe due to the sympathy between each other as fellow assassins. Although she was trained to use adorable gestures and facial expressions, Eru (Elfiona) had a somewhat awkward atmosphere, and her eyes shined filled with curiosity.


Incidentally, the clothes Eru (Elfiona) was wearing was Sun’s hand me downs from Bahana.


Sitting on the sofa in the hall and drinking tea, Zeshald was keeping a watch on the 2 of them while thinking about the special potion that was stored on the shelf in his room and remembering about the event that had happened the other day.


By using the potion and Zeshald’s healing, the tumor which undermined Rasanasha’s body had completely disappeared.


Having been released from the illness which had pestered her her entire life, Rasanasha was dumbfounded by the result, and was grateful to Yuusuke and Zeshald from the bottom of her heart. And one of the incurable diseases at that moment in Kalticio was destroyed.


“With this, many people would be saved but will it be good…..”


The purification method of the medicine(potion) that Nossentes had a monopoly on is now under Gazzetta’s holding. How many markets does it flow through to be circulated to the different countries’ doctors, the materials for the potion and the process of making the support drug (Medical adjuvant) like one would expect, does not appear on the market.






After receiving chagashi*, the 3 of them were quietly sipping their tea, around this time, Rasanasha’s sentence would be carried out in the judgment square.

(* TL notes : It’s a kind of japanese tea cakes : go google it, dammed it now I am hungry for some)


“Eventually, Yuusuke will head over to Gazzetta, or…… Well in the end, it would be good if he is doing well.”

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