Chapter 25 : White Shadow (Lunaris)

“Neri! Neri!”

The construction of the great wall was rushed and because of that, a part of the foundation which was not yet reinforced had collapsed during the rain. Thus, there were several innocent people who got involved in the accident.

~ Plau! Is that you?

“Sis, Neri is! Neri is!”

On the actual scene of the incident, workers of the construction project and injured people who were trapped under the collapsed wall were all currently being rescued. Fortunately there weren’t any dead yet.

~~ Dammed it’s useless, this is impossible unless one is skilled in water arts.

“Why didn’t you save Neri? Quickly, get a water Doctor here.”

~ To call a doctor for an [Artless] pet, it’s something which bends the rules.

“Neri is family person! Family’s friend person!”

~~Plau…..we have no choice, Neri is an [Artless]
~~It would be better to let him rest sooner.
~~Missy is such a poor thing, it can’t be helped as she is a [Artless]
~~Plau is a good kid right? So please bid farewell to Neri here, alright?


As the rain poured down and battered on the walls, an [Artless] was trapped under the rubbles of the accident. The blood of the person who she had spent all her time with, Neri’s blood could be seen, as though her life was flowing away together along with the blood, the young girl was lost at what she could do and was just staring while crying.

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