And a wild break appears

Having reached the 40% mark, we decided to take another annual break of slacking off.

Thus this is the last chapter for this year, and the next o.. *OUCH*

“What the hell was that for, Lunate.”

“I knew it, you are up to your usual stuff again… Think you can run away from me?”


Baka  jumps from his chair and runs towards the door. However, the door is locked and pretty sturdy, not giving any leeway to the poor lazy guy. Lunate slowly approaches him, wide smirk on his face.

“Back to work you go, you have one week to make a new chapter, or the meatbun gets it.”

Thus there you have it, unfortunately a week long break is upon us, the next chapter will be out on 10th of September. No additional hidden delays. I promise!


23 thoughts on “And a wild break appears

  1. it’s ok baka, take your well-deserved rest. health is much more important anyways and thanks to the both of you for your awesome translations!


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