Chapter delayed until tomorrow

From the comments it seemed that majority of you don’t mind waiting an additional day for the release. Thus, to avoid confusion/rereleases etc., i’ll be delaying the chapter until tomorrow.

That will hopefully not affect the next chapter, it just means that you will be getting two chapters in a little smaller time frame.

With that sorry again for the delay.

P.S. if there are any typos or wild commas left after the editing, meatbun and everyone else are always free to report them in the comments at any time ~ (big thanks to Winterpuff for reporting a bad link in ToC)



3 thoughts on “Chapter delayed until tomorrow

  1. wait it was supposed to be today? xD i totally thought it was tomorrow anyways what with last ch being on the 17th and tomorrow being the 20th ( as in 18>19>20) not (17>18>19)


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