Quick question

Hello guys., as the editor will probably be unable to finish reading the chapter today, i want to ask you whether i should post unedited version, to keep up with the releases, or wait until the editor is done.

Let me know what you want.



18 thoughts on “Quick question

  1. I for one would be fine either way as unedited I’m sure it isn’t as bad as some of the things out there.. but then again I don’t mind waiting longer for quality ^_^!


  2. I have no problem reading unedited content. As long as it is noted so (preview, EIP, etc), I feel that it would be no problem. Just my 2 cents. ~Aku


  3. I’m usually of the opinion that translations should hold to a standard of quality and releasing without editing only encourages the worsening of translations in general. If people can’t wait, they should use their time to learn japanese. They won’t have to wait anymore in the future.

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  4. no it should be edited of the simple reason that ppl dont get annoyed of bad translation becouse of bad days when you were tired and dident read the english version and did a simple misstake


  5. meatbun personally wants to wait until the edits are done, unless you want the readers to help with the editing or spotting typos..
    meatbun don’t mind unedited version, but be warned of the possible swarm of passing-by anon editors spamming which part is not correct,typos,ect


  6. I’d say post what you feel content with. I’d say wait until it’s edited so the trolls can’t say wtf is this, english much?

    Honestly I don’t mind if an unedited chapter goes up as long as it’s properly labeled as unedited.


  7. There are PRO and CON reasons for releasing early. More than one site has deliberately released early to fight bot republishers that RIP a site of new stories and then repost on their site for advertising banner fees. That way, those sites get the non-final version. I don’t think that is a problem with your site, so for consistency, you and your editor should wait until the story goes through an editing review.

    The other benefit of having an editing review is that your editor feels that he has value as an integral part of the team rather than as some after market optional checker tacked on after a release is done.


    • And the editor is doing a damn good job at that too. That said there are readers as well. I had communicated situation badly in the past before, so i wanted to let everyone know of the situation this time! Thanks for yours, as well as everyone else’s, patience


  8. I’m for releasing the unedited simply because those who really want to read it can and the others have to wait for the edited release either way, so there’s no “loss” in releasing early.


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