And one more poll

Polls are fun, right? So here comes another one, that is probably even more important than the first one. The name of the main … fruit of the series.

As some of you may know, L and R are interchangeable in the Japanese language, so you have a whooping three options to choose from.

Let me know your flavors!


Edit: Whoops…..


16 thoughts on “And one more poll

  1. Personally always just gone with the first way I came across things. For instance DBZ is about the only anime where I actually rate/prefer English voice actors as that’s how I first watched it, anything else seems wrong.
    Same goes for when something is translated with the except of mistranslating a word to get the right meaning I generally just accept the first version I see and any changes feel hard except unless an acceptable reason is given like just mentioned.
    Think this is the biggest reason why I’m the sort that sticks with a groups translations even if another group pops up doing it faster. Sudden changes like no longer seeing “chan” at the end of a name or translating onee-chan to sister when it had always been left as the japanese phrase. A golden example, Crunchyrolls naruto when you had watched DB and Taka for so long was almost as painful as getting hit in the face with a baseball bat or maybe a more anime appropriate version would be with a ball usually football or volleyball getting a nose bleed and waking up in the school infirmary?.
    Anyway enough of the pointless ramblings I tend to do. In short it was Rara to begin with and unless that somehow messes up the translation I think there’s little need to change it, that and Lala makes me think Lala Devilluke and Lara is Lara Croft of course. No preconceptions or misunderstandings from Rara.


    • I fully understand your point. Still, i remember one certain wolf girl, which name was horrendously wrecked by certain official translators. As not to act in a simmilar manner as certain somebody, i think it is better to give the readers at least a theoretical choice in the matter 🙂


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