Translation of World Customize Creator by Hero Tennki

Hello everyone, I will be posting chapters of world customize creator here as I will be reading them.

I have started translating the novel for my own reading interests, but, since there might be others interested in this novel I have decided that it might be worth to try starting a blog.

Source material is taken from webarchive so this will not be a translation of the published novels.

Some quick notes are:

–  English is not my native language so one of the aims of this project is to get my literature English to catch up to conversational level.

–  I am by no means fluent in Japanese. This is NOT machine translation but mistakes might and will happen. Regardless of that, original meaning of the novels should remain intact.

–  Naming, where possible, was kept to be identical to the one of the manga translation by /ak/ scans.


15 thoughts on “Translation of World Customize Creator by Hero Tennki

  1. Thanks for doing this. The manga is interesting, and it’ll be nice to see the LN translated.

    I’m no editor or TL, but my trick for reading anything I can’t entirely understand(as in a word is missing or the sentence is just a jumbled clusterfuck) is to look at the context before and after and figure out the meaning of the sentence as a whole by mixing sets of the words in the sentence I’m attempting to understand. If you can at least maintain the meaning of the sentence as a standalone whole it should be far more readable than some of the things I’ve had to read.


    • That’s the trick. Used it already in the different worlds stuff on the prologue. it was just too confusing in the original with all the different ‘worlds’ 🙂
      Just write in the comments if anything sounds weird in English, as i just write it in what is ‘understandable’ to me and which is not necessarily grammatically correct.

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  2. Just thought I’d let you know that lunate at dreamsleeper87.blogspot is also translating this, though he’s only done up to chapter 5


    • Yeah, i know he’s also translating it. But, as i am releasing the stuff a bit faster (and since our style is a bit different, and, probably, his text quality is a bit higher than mine), i dont think me and dreamsleeper could work together currently.


  3. GREAT! Just now I did read the manga and I wanted to search for the novel!
    And now you say that you will translate it~
    Thank you!! ❤


  4. Whenever I read Tennki Hero’s works I get the feels and want to continue reading but updates take forever!!!! May I also recommend his manga Spirit Migration as well? It may be quick but it’s pretty good!


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