Main characters name vote

As me and lunaris are joining translations, the name of the main character became an issue.

I use Yuusuke, while he uses Yusuke. Both of these names are interchangeable, but it would still be a trouble, if we used both.

Thus we agreed to do a vote to see which one do You, the readers, perfer.

We are planning to run this until May 19th.

Thanks for your input.


14 thoughts on “Main characters name vote

  1. There’s clearly an emphasis on the first U sound, so Yuusuke. The first syllable is meant to sound like ‘you’, while Yusuke would be Yus, rhyming with ‘bus’. It’s a small difference, but they do sound like two different names.


  2. If you two are collaborating, I was wondering if it’s simply posting one translation while doing your own work separately or does it involve checking each other’s work (proofreading & editing)

    It’s because a lot of collaborations for LN/WN translations tend to fail really bad because the different translators don’t communicate with each other so there ends up being a mismatch in quality from one chapter to the next.

    Not trying to be discouraging to either of you and I appreciate both of you and your work, it’s just a problem I’ve seen before. Anyways, thank you for the time you’ve put in working on this series. =)


    • To be completely honest with you, i doubt either of us have enough experience to guarantee you the quality.
      The way i look at it, if the feedback will be terrible, we will just return to how it is now. You will lose a few chapters at worst and double release speed at best. Its a good gamble to take, dont you agree. As for cooperation, we will have access to all the drafts, as well as an editor, who will, hopefully keep us together. And, as for teamwork, only time will show πŸ™‚ i hope i was able to come with a reasonably satisfactory answer ^^;


  3. Oh and also, rather than saying Yuusuke sounds better, it’s more accurate from what I know of Japanese. Unlike English, how they are written in Japanese completely determines how its pronounced.


  4. To be honest, the English language doesn’t really emphasize phonetics that much. So for most English speakers, we can’t really tell the difference between Yusuke or Yuusuke. Either name is fine but it’s best to be consistent with two people working together.


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