Chapter **: 1 week vacation

As Lunaris said,

Hi guys, girls and I don’t what else is out there, it’s been 10 chapters since the start of the collab, so we are taking a one week break to discuss on the flaws and what happened during these 10 chapters, after that we will begin scheduling for the next 10 chapters. WE NEED A BREAK. Here have a cookie. Peace out. Hearts.

To add something from myself, these were some amazing five weeks. sometimes fun, sometimes not (looking at you, Gearhawk gore … and my English grammar). As there are some early chapters, which are in dire need to be edited up to the current terminology, my league account, which is crying about some bullshit decay, as well as some really long chapters in the twenties, (yeah, excuses, excuses) please allow us to have a week off to prepare you some more, hopefully, enjoyable chapters and take a little break while doing it 🙂

The next chapter will be out at ~25th! Otsukaresama~


15 thoughts on “Chapter **: 1 week vacation

  1. *Ungrateful comment vaguely rude damning you for your damnable legitimate excuses*

    On another note should go play a real game. Witcher 3 came out not to long ago, play that.


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