Chapter 97: Decision and Preaching (Lunaris)

Volance Palace, the King’s private room. Krielov and Yuusuke were accompanying Violet to an audience with the King Esvosbus regarding Yuusuke’s suggestion.

“Dad, could you please trust me and Yuusuke.”

“No but, that is too…”

To send the Darkness God Corps as a goodwill ambassador to Gazzetta at this time of unrest. Rumors of the Darkness God Captain having a connection with Gazzetta, the stagnation of trade due to the magical beast disaster, the masses of the city were already becoming restless.

This unrest had already reached a point to where there was an attempted assassination on the Darkness God Captain. For the time being a gag order had been passed down, information about that incident was being contained, with only the palace officials responsible for investigating knowing about it.

With the current unrest amongst the soldiers in mind, this didn’t seem to be a great time to send the Darkness God Corps to Gazzetta.

“Yuusuke, why would you want to go to Gazzetta at this time?”

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26 thoughts on “Chapter 97: Decision and Preaching (Lunaris)

  1. Since Blogspot hates me I’ll ask here:

    “*After blowing the education hurricane*, a smile emerged on her face, and the Darkness God Corp was lead into a big tent in the middle of the camp.”

    What exactly is that supposed to mean…? 😓


    • None. I hope nothing bad happened to Lunate.
      I’ve seen translation sites going dead after something bad happened to the translators.


  2. … I told myself that I would wait until the end of March before saying anything, but I don’t want to talk about chapters nor anything like that – I just want to know one thing: is everything alright with you guys? Both baka and lunaris…

    Seriously, I would feel relieved if you at least posted something along the lines of “still alive, just too much RL right now”…

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