Chapter 78 : Trent Rietta’s civil war

A messenger arrived from an organization known as “Wind Edge”, to the old divine chapel located in Gazetta’s Patrucia Nost.

They aim to revolt against and overthrow the current government that was ruling Trent Rietta. Knowing details about the current anti-Gazzetta strategy between Fonclanc and Trent Rietta, they exposed the trade restriction plan of weakening Gazzetta.

“What’s the objective of your group?”
“We would like to seek support…”

“Oh, but…. for us to mobilize would have to depend on the information passed to us, just hope that it would be good enough for consideration.”
“Is the anti-government organisation of Trent Rietta inviting us to join their intervention?”

It is clear that “Wind Edge” is trying to use Gazzetta, and it’s also true that the circulation of goods have stagnated due to the trade restriction.

“So what do the people here have to say on it?”
“So, do we go along with their plans?”

“Ah, but…”

But it might not go as they wanted to as Shinha had many spies hiding across the countries and he would be able to move the cavalry into Trent Rietta borders with just one order.

“First will be intel, do not miss even the slightest rumor. Go through all of Fonclanc and Trent Rietta’s information.”

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