Chapter 55: Fickle Song of a Honeybee (Part 3 of 3) (Part 2)

Several lights could still be seen flickering inside the inn when the secret ops had invaded the building from the rear exit.

Their plan was to move to Yuusuke’s party’s lodgings. The intruders knew that their quarters were separated, so they would be able to swiftly and stealthily carry out the assassination. Afterwards they were to create an uproar, waking inn’s staff and guests and make a scene before them and any curious onlookers. The assassins would look like retreating Gazzetta troops to anyone who saw them.

“Up here. You go to the right, the two of you – to the left. Everyone else go to the ambassador’s quarters.”

The lot was approaching the central stairway that led to the second floor where the Fonclanc’s party should have been helplessly awaiting their deaths.


“Wh-what is it?!”

“The floor… ?!”

The vanguard of the group suddenly disappeared in a hole that suddenly opened below him. Suddenly the floor tilted and everyone else who followed behind the first guy, unable to hold their footing, fell after him. This was supposed to be an ordinary inn. When the Nossentes forces checked out the building beforehand, there were no such devices installed in it.

“It… it’s an ambush! We have been had, retreat immediately!”

The captain of the invaders instantly realized that this trap was prepared by the captain of the Darkness God Corps. After all the rumor of him being able to freely control everything around him was indeed true. The captain turned towards the Honeybee, who was following behind him and slashed her without any warning.


“So you’re going to double cross us, eh?”

After tearing through her clothes, the attacker stopped his blade. Unconsciously trying to evade the slash, Razshia fell on her butt. She was so surprised by this that she could only look at her captain in shock.


“Did you forget that traitors are punished by death?”

“…That’s a mistake… why am I… a traitor?”

“Shut up! It’s useless to try to talk your way out of it.”

The assassin raised his black knife and pointed it towards the girl. Razshia was not trained to take lives, so she could only tremble at the assassin captain’s bloodlust.

She frantically tried to back off from the danger, but the captain closed the distance in a single step.

“I suppose, I shall present your body to your beloved Darkness God Corps.”


“Too bad, I prefer living girls over the dead ones.”

A young man’s voice tore through the intense mood, and the assassin’s captain turned towards the voice.


Commander knew the man that was pointing at him. Although their positions had been reversed, he decided to take the chance and ordered the attack.

The instant he tried to move, his legs had hit something like an invisible rope. The assassin commander lost his balance and fell down on all fours. He was frantically searching for the device or traces of a divine art that were used to create the trap, but…


The world once again spun around him. This time he was unable to react to it and he fell down on his back. The next instant his face was approaching the floor. He immediately stretched out his limbs to lessen the shock and somehow managed to land on his knee… or he thought so – the next moment he felt like he was floating in the air. This time he was rapidly approaching the inn’s ceiling. He hit the ceiling with his back and then fell down on the floor once more.

[“What the heck is this? What is happening here?! What the hell did I touch?”]

Razshia was dumbfounded as she was looking at the scene before her. Members of the Darkness God Corps, who stood beside their captain at the top of the stairs, ambassador, and the trapped assassins – everyone had ingrained this terrible sight into their minds.

Whenever the captain thought that he had hit the ground, he was launched again towards the ceiling, and back to the floor, once he hit that.

The trap itself was pretty simple. Yuusuke had replaced the boards, covering the floor and the ceiling, with customized thus creating an Endless Fall Trap (named by Yuusuke). “Bam bam bam,” the sound of the person repeatedly hitting the ceiling and the floor continued to resound in the building.

Although this went on for only a few minutes, for spectators it seemed that a few hours had already passed.

The captain of the Nossentes troop leader soon lost his consciousness from all that endless falling. Feeling that they had had enough, his underlings also gave up their weapons. Just when everyone else finished rounding the surrendered forces up, a new voice echoed in the hall.

“Are you safe, Yuusuke?!”

The carriage from Sanc Adiet finally arrived, rushing through the gate into the town. The arrived soldiers looked really worn out and seemed to be standing on their will alone.

“Hey Hivodir, how are you?”

“… you really look safe…”

Hivodir was leading the Sanc Adiet’s support. He became  highly regarded amongst the palace commanders after the earlier incident in this town. The commander saw this support mission as an easy way to make the Darkness God Corps feel indebted to him, and the higher ups easily consented to the fire art’s user volunteering to take command.

In the past, Hivodir would have never done something like that. Even more so he would be displeased if he was ordered to go on a forced march like this.

“Now now, don’t be sulking here on me.”

“I-I’m not sulking!”

Everyone eased at the sight of Yuusuke bickering with the leader of the special support force and the usual atmosphere had returned to the room. The recent events – the Divine Parliament and the following conspiracy of the remnants of Nossentes army – constantly held everyone on edge.


“Are you unhurt?”


Yuusuke squatted before the still sitting Razshia and offered his hand.

“I… I…”

“No need to talk now… I will hear you out later, it would be best for you to get some rest right now.”

He was sure that this woman was responsible for poisoning their food. The assassin captain’s words left no doubt that Razshia was one of  Nossentes’ spies.

Although there was also a question of how much did Rashanasha know about her sister’s affiliation, Yuusuke decided to leave these questions for when he safely got his party back to Sanc Adiet.


At that time Rashanasha, having fully recovered from the poison, rushed to her sister. Everyone focused their attention to her voice and failed to notice a small shadow that silently slipped into the room. Everyyone, except for Razshia, who was sitting on the floor.

She knew that little girl, who went by the codename [Poison Wasp] that put a thin, straw-like tube to her mouth.


Razshia knew what the wasp’s intention was and jumped at Yuusuke. She covered Yuusuke with her body, but that made Elfiona’s special dart (stinger) hit her instead of the one that had saved her.



Having missed her target and exposed her location in a crowded room, Elfiona was quickly apprehended by the knight.

“Hey, Razshia? What happened to you?”

“Ah… Guh! WAAAAAH!”

“It looks bad. Someone hold her down, we need to take the dart out quickly!”

Shaheed noticed the dart on Razshhia’s chest and called out the orders in an unusually commanding voice. Rashanasha and Aisha, both being healing type water arts users, rushed to the girl and tried to heal her.

“Shia! Shia! Hold on!”

“What kind of dart is this?! What do we do?!”

Somehow they were unable to pull the dart out. On the contrary, the dart was steadily getting deeper into the girl’s body.

“Hahahha, you cannot take this dart out. It has a special stinger on its tip. Once it hits you, there’s nothing that you can do. ” explained the assassin captain in a triumphant voice. Although he had failed to kill the captain of the Darkness God Corps, he had managed to take out the one that betrayed him and got his revenge on Yuusuke. Thus he had shown a sadistic smile on his face.

The poison within the dart caused the muscles around it to spasm thus making the dart dig further into its target’s body. It was made to release a second deadly poison once more than half of the dart had entered the body. The poison itself caused the body to rot, thus making the victim experience hellish pain before their death.

The dart was impossible to pull out, but it was made in a way that if one tried to break it, the dart would immediately spread its poison.

“This is your reward for betraying us. Die in as much pain GAH!”

“Shut the fuck up, you son of a bitch!”

Fonke knocked the smile off the assassins face.

“Disgusting piece of trash,” spat out the guy while shaking his hand.

Aisha and Rashanasha desperately continued using their divine arts, yet the dart, unrelenting, continued to go on its deadly way. The skin around the dart started turning purple. Razshia was already exhausted from the struggle and had stopped moving.

Despair had started to spread around the room when Yuusuke dashed down from the stairs – he had ran to his room to get more of the customized medicine.

“Captain! If it continues like this…”

“I know!”

Grasping the dart with one of his hands, Yuusuke took Razshia’s arm with his remaining hand.

“It’s … too … late …”

“I am not letting you die!”

Knowing that the potion alone will not save Razshia, Yuusuke had also customized the dart and removed the part that caused itto sink into the body, easily pulled it out, and safely wrapped it in a piece of cloth.

A look of confusion sprang on the assassin’s captain’s face, but Yuusuke ignored him and proceeded to feed the medicine to the girl.

“I did not have time to test it, but I believe that it will somehow work.”

After all, the purchased medicine was only the base for the Super Healing Potion. This potion was not only effective when drank, it also seeped into the skin if applied externally and increased the effectiveness of healing arts, used on the area. Moreover, it acted as a healing art itself!

The purple patch of skin quickly regained it’s lustrous, healthy color and Razshia’s pale face had regained its warmth. Although the poison was already gone from her body, the girl was still severely exhausted and had passed out.

“Phew… She will be alright now. Thanks, you two.”

“Thank god… As expected of you, Captain, you performed an impossible feat yet again.”


The two girls were thanking Yuusuke while gently stroking the sleeping girls’ hair.

“Let us all go and get some rest now.”


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  1. Haha aww man I thought it was Yuuske who got shot. Then be like “no damage”. At least in the end they still have nothing on Yuuske and the nobles tried to make Yuuske indebted to them. They really are sneaky.. Even though Yuuske on there side


  2. If you don’t want to make a separate post, you could make a link to part 2 at the top of the page so we could skip to it, or just put Part 2 for us to search with ctrl+f and we could pick up from there.


  3. thanks for the chapter, kinda forget that yuusuke can’t customize himself but at least he can make other things to make himself better in a sense right? +2 to his group right? for some reason i feel the two will end up as maids for his mansion rather than executed for being spies or something along those lines. can’t imagine how much revenue he’ll make off those super healing potions.


  4. wow…the night was save…hopefully the 2 spies and the assassin girl will join the darkness corp as its intelligence division…hhehhe


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