Chapter 26: The Evil God’s Roar (Lunaris)(Part2)

The white corps that suddenly appeared stopped about 500m south of the Fonclanc’s army, away from the chaos. Once there, they began to arrange their ranks in a line. It seemed like they weren’t going to be involved in the fight, as half of the horses were being led away.

Even so, a unit consisting of one hundred [Artless] Warriors, were taking up position in line as they glared towards the Great Wall of Paula. But as one looked closely, they could see personnel with red, blue and green hair; those with divine arts amongst them.

“~~~ We are white sword cavalry from Gazzetta. By order of King Shinha, we are here to assist our king’s ally: the Hero of Gearhawk, Yuusuke.~~~”

The use of the wind arts, [Hiroden], from the Gazzetta army resounded through the area. Gazzetta is a nation whereby it’s citizens have equal rights, it’s lands were made up of mainly mountain ranges, with it’s ancient capital guarded by its [Artless] king. There are rumors whereby they have a facility which fosters [Artless] Warriors within their territories.

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